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Avni Preggers in Love ne

In Star One’s Love Ne Mila Di Jodi, Avni Gujral, who gets secretly married finds herself in deep-waters as she gets pregnant!

Published: Saturday,Oct 24, 2009 12:40 PM GMT-06:00
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Avni Preggers in Love ne
The third generation is set to arrive in the Gujral mansion as Avni aka Perneet Chauhan gets expectant with Sameer's child in Star One's Love Ne Mila Di Jodi. The so-in-love couple had secretly married, so the whole family is in for a shock when they find out about Avni's pregnancy.

According to our source, "The Gujral household had just recovered from the shock of Damini's engagement being called off. They all are happily relieved as Damini (Chandana Sharma) and Prithvi (Gaurav Khanna) make up their mind for getting married. When all the family members are soaking up in the joy of the atmosphere, Avni suddenly feels giddy and sick. When a doctor is summoned and he gives his prognosis, all hell breaks loose."

Adds the source, "This comes as a huge shock for both the sisters and the mother. Among all the three girls, Avni was the angelic one. Also they don't know that she has married Sameer. So according to them their pure and untouched Avni has done a blasphemous thing! They hadn't seen it coming in their wildest dreams!"

The source further adds, "Obviously this is a big obstacle to the plans of revenge concocted by the three brothers. And until Sameer (Karan Tacker) comes up with an impressive explanation, the brothers are sure to hold him responsible for taking the whole 'lets-even-score' scenario to an unnecessarily extreme level."

We spoke to Avni aka Perneet Chauhan who says, "I honestly don't know how Perneet is going to handle this new phase of her life." When asked what the audience can expect further ahead she says, "Well, till now, the story has been driven with a lot of twists. With every new point there is a change in the whole scenario. At one point you see romance blooming, at the other point the show gets thrilling. But with Avni and Sameer now going to be expectant parents, there is definitely going to be a lot of drama."

Hope with this twist the story gets a new sparkle and helps improve the TRPs.

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose
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nupurdas1 @nupurdas1 10 years ago Miss LNMDJ & Miss Savni & miss u Karan Tacker plz bck soon.
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Rachel @Rach. 10 years ago My gorgeous Chandana :D

Really miss this show :(
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sara arif @Saaraa. 11 years ago misss love ne soo much and ofcourse the naughty sameer
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Kiran Mohanty @KiranSonu1 11 years ago miss LNMDJ so muchhh. Luv & Miss Savni...Karan u just amazing as Sameer.
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-GothicBeauty- @-GothicBeauty- 13 years ago savni roxxxxxxxxx
karneet cum back..........plz :(
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Vinayp29 @Vinayp29 13 years ago I love chandana.she is damn sexy n hot.gaucha no1 couple of tely world.
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aparajhita @.Aparajhita. 14 years ago eagerly waiting for the further episodes.......

gaurav khanna (prithvi) is the best....
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aditi @adits7 14 years ago plz v wanna c lnmdj video segment as d shw completes 100 epis on 6th....
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Lifez_Beautiful @Lifez_Beautiful 14 years ago its jus gettn bettr n better evry day n top it wth an awsome interview !!!! Luv yaaaaaaaaa LNMDJ !! n evry1 related 2 it !! superb interview !! GAUCHA chemistry roxxxxxxxx jus like PRIDA onscreen !! gK N CS r wndrful ppl.. n GK ..O god !! is hilarious !!! tooooooooo gud !! evry1 go n chk it out !! n KT was lukn hot too in black !! on the whole it is jus tooooooooooooo gud 2 believe !!! THNX EVRY! WHO IS RERSPONSIBLE 4 THE INTERVIEW !! LNMDJ roxxxxxxxxxxx !!! celebration tym folks !!
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hand-me-proper @hand-me-proper 14 years ago lnmdj is getting tooooo hot to handle nowadays.....

pri nd varun s expresssions.......were pure gold.....sameer...man how does such umm..practical reasons strike you?????
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