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Avneet Kaur on her Singing Experience: It kind of gave me goosebumps!

Actress Avneet Kaur was seen singing for the very first time in her latest music video along with Karan Singh Arora.


Actress Avneet Kaur was seen singing for the very first time in her latest music video along with Karan Singh Arora. The music video is titled as 'Saara Din' and it has received great reponse from the audience. 

We got in touch with Avneet who shared about her experience singing for the first time, audience's response, working with Karan and much more...

1. How was the experience singing for the first time?

It was definitely a great experience and I had a lot of fun. It was something different that I tried to do for the very first time. So obviously, I had a lot of fun and this was like one of my dreams, I've always wanted to do this. Singing for the first time, it kind of gave me goosebumps. It had like proper recording, I always used to always record it on my phone and I used to put it up on YouTube and stuff. So yes, definitely it was a different experience and I loved every bit of it.

2. Did Karan give you any special tips?

Karan has been a great support throughout and it was pretty fun doing it with him. He was really supportive and he was telling me about the tone, pitch, mood, feel everything about it as everything is important. So yes, he was giving me tips at every moment.

3. Was this something on your bucket list to sing or it just happened?

It was definitely on my bucket list. I have like a million things on my bucket list that I want to do but this was definitely there and I am so glad that I got a chance to finally do something in the singing zone.

4. How excited are you to see the audience's response?

Audience are going crazy about it and I'm so so happy to see it, I love each and every one of them. They have always supported me in whatever field that I choose and I'm so lucky that I have them in my life. So, they have been really really happy and they have been very supportive of it and that's what I need. 

5. Who is your personal favorite singer?

I have like a list of it, I adore many many people especially in Bollywood. Arijit Singh, Shreya Ghoshal is so great, then Neha Kakkar, Tony Kakkar, they've all got such beautiful voices. In Hollywood it would be Harry Styles, the whole One Direction band. I can't even count like all of them are so great, I love listening to songs any which ways.


Avneet Kaur

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