Avinash Sachdev's Rosy Lips Won't Do!

Avinash Sachdev’s well endowed assets are creating an unlikely problem. Due to his fans’ request the actor’s lip color is being toned down!

It is not uncommon for male actors to take a little help from the make-up artist to make their lips look sensual. But for Avinash Sachdev, Dev of Zee's Choti Bahu, the problem is the other way around.

He has had make-up artists working on him to tone down his lip color! Says our source, "Avinash  has been constantly receiving fan mails and requests from fans to avoid using lipstick onscreen, as his lips appear rose in color.  But what the fans have not realized is that it is Avinash's natural lip color, and he cannot do anything with it. However the creative team  has now decided to abide to the fans' requests".

So what is the solution they have cooked up? According to our source, "The creative team has asked the make-up artist to tone down the actor's lip color using some muted shades of lipstick".

However, according to Avinash, their efforts don't seem to create a change in his lip color. He says, "The makeup artist is trying his best, but it doesn't seem to be working!"

Well, what can we say? An actor's life is not so rosy after all!

Reporter and Author: Susan Jose


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chayya55 1 years ago Avinash Sachdev
Avinash Sachdev
Avinash Sachdev
Avinash missing you
seema12345 1 years ago Hey Avinash Sachdev how are you??
Waiting for your new show
Mona55 1 years ago Avinash Sachdev you are missed a lots and a lot
devina22 2 years ago Avinash Sachdev hope your day has been fantastic
deepa1122 5 years ago Avinash Sachdev you are an amZing actor pls one back soon with a new show
lavalina 10 years ago wel zats gud its rare 4 sme ppl.
its nice.....lolllllll
love u
rubinadilaik 10 years ago This content is hidden.
Jassi01 11 years ago Hmm.. I thought he uses lipstic that is too bright for a guy... but yeah I hope the makeup artists figure out something..cuz not all the viewers know that this is his natural colour
Sudesh09 11 years ago Very attractive lips, no need for cosmetics
Rjorge 11 years ago This content is hidden.
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