Avinash Mishra and Neha Solanki's show 'Titli' all set to go off air

According to a few media reports, Titli is all set to go off air.

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Neha Solanki and Avinash Mishra

The Star Plus show "Titli," featuring Avinash Mishra and Neha Solanki in the lead roles, made a grand entrance a few months ago. The series depicted the story of a woman facing domestic abuse by the man she fell in love with. As the plot unfolded, the reasons behind Garv's (Avinash Mishra) anger issues became more apparent. While the show managed to captivate its audience, recent reports have been circulating on the internet suggesting that "Titli" is set to conclude.

According to media reports, "Titli" is scheduled to wrap up, with the cast gearing up to film the final episode on October 15th. The last episode is expected to air on October 27th. However, there hasn't been an official confirmation regarding the show's conclusion, and the cast has refrained from commenting on the matter.

In the current storyline, viewers witnessed the introduction of Garv's long-lost brother, Cheeku, portrayed by Ishaan Singh Manhas.

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Comments (6)

Thank God. This bullcrap finally going off air.

5 months ago

Thank god it’s going off air. Hope Barsaatein takes its place and that too goes off air soon. Wish this happens with YRKKH and Anupamaa too ASAP.

5 months ago

Arrey bhai jis show ka theme line hi twist kar diya ho ( for TRP badhao muhim) .... Woh show kaise survive kar sakta hai ????

Isn't it's theme/ story was about a girl who came a "toxic relationship" and "domestic violence" ..????

Where gone its theme ....

5 months ago

Which sane person would miss this show? I was waiting to hear about the show going off air since a long time. I'm so happy after reading this article. Good riddance.

5 months ago

Good riddance! Bohot hi toxic, ghatiya show tha full of abuse!

5 months ago

I stopped watching way back

5 months ago

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