Auditions still on for Star One's Jodi Humaari...

It's audition time for Playtime Creations' new show on Star One, Jodi Humaari as they are looking for the perfect casting when it comes to their female protagonists...

Playtime Creations' upcoming show on Star One, tentatively titled Jodi Humaari which will focus on the theory of 'Opposites attract', will be a romantic comedy revolving around two brothers of contrasting types.

Earlier, it was reported in a website that Chahat Khanna, Garima, Manish Raisinghania and Yash Pandit were finalized for the roles.

But the new development is that, the channel wanted fresh faces for the female protagonists' roles, and thus the above mentioned actresses were rejected.

As of now, rigorous auditions are going on for the same and confirming this, Hemal Thakkar of Playtime Creations said, "We are looking for the 'perfect' faces to play the female protagonists. We have auditioned in Mumbai and Delhi, and audition is in progress at Pune. The roles of the girls are very challenging, and we are looking for the right mix of quality and talent".

When asked him about the launch date, Hemal quips, "We are not going on the floors till we get the right combination of actors. And as far as names like Chahat and Garima go, we had never finalized them".

As per our sources, Manish Raisinghania and Yash Pandit have been finalized, and there will be no change in this. 

We talked to Chahat Khanna who confirmed her omission from the show, and said "I was finalized for the role, and I had even shot for a day. But for some reason or the other, I was intimated that the show has been delayed. But now, I am hearing from industry sources that they are auditioning for the female leads all over again".

As for now, its audition time in the show before the real action begins!!

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh, Ranjini Nair

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Manish Raisinghan

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Chahatt Khanna

Comments (41)

they shud get megha and naman !! or just megha now !!

15 years ago

okay! i want some new serials on nway!

15 years ago

it sounds gr8
hope they finalize some good cast

15 years ago

I m waiting to watch it.sounds nice. .But i hope it doesn''t replace Dmg.

15 years ago

hope dey choose kashu...KARAN n SHUBBANGI!!!!!!

15 years ago

i hope its good
but mjht n dmg was mind blowing

15 years ago

i hope is god...
after dmg going off gud for only a few time, i expect this one to be nice...

15 years ago

why star one channel is again n again cuming wid opposite attract-1st dmg den mjht n now hamari jodi........

but no probsss. hope it is gud.....

15 years ago

wow cant wait for the new show sounds interesting and for the people who are suggesting couples like kash and roka i suggest you read the article properely it clearly states that they are looking for fresh female faces and the guys are already confirmed so why are you wasting your time

15 years ago

hope to see some real kool jodi''s in this one too

15 years ago

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