At times the simplicity of a relationship is what makes it so special.

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At times the simplicity of a relationship is what makes it so special. Prem (Sonu Sood) & Chandni (Eesha Koppikhar) are very much in love. Their relationship symbolizes an idealism hard found in today's society where values are taken as obsolete.

Prem, a sole heir to a flourishing business family, is an aspiring singer. Caught between a demanding yet loving mother and an undying ambition to sing, Prem falls in love with Chandni and senses the crescendo of his life's song.

Chandni, a bridge between her kid siblings and a widowed father, considers singing as a spiritual deliverance. She falls in love with Prem over various music rehearsals for a national competition.

The parents are ecstatic and decide to engage Prem & Chandni. As fate would have it, Chandni loses her father on the eve of engagement. The loss comes as a shock to both the families and grief takes over elation.

This fairy tale love story suddenly faces the grim reality of life...the wedding, consequently, is called off..

In such testing times even the close relatives turn a blind eye towards Chandni and her kid siblings; Anuj and Sandhya. A bubbly and vivacious girl who was weaving dreams of a fulfilling matrimonial life has to now adapt her existence towards playing a parent to her siblings. She is constantly being pulled in two directions by her promise of marriage to Prem & an unstated responsibility towards her siblings. Her worries compound as the responsibilities mount; both moral & financial.

At such a stage of life, she takes a stand that emancipates the feminine. She tells Prem to carry on with his life as she is unsure of the time it would take to secure the children's future and she would not want Prem to renounce the bliss of youth and sacrifice his family's wishes. She requests Prem to end this relationship where there are no rights possible over each other.

Prem is moved by her decision and asks Chandni for just one thing -"A right to wait for her".

From setting up a music school to support the education of her siblings & thus ensuring their respectable future to being a sole inspiration to Prem's songs enabling him to become a singing sensation of the country - Chandni epitomizes womanhood like none other - playing a friend, a mother and finally a wife, exquisitely.

Thus begins the journey of a couple who are wed - not by the norms of the society, but by the sheer reason why the institution of marriage should exist; the values of truth, friendship, responsibility and of course... love.

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