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Asin's New Friend in Bollywood - Kajol?

Asin Thottumkal has created waves in Bollywood with her first movie ...

Published: Friday,Oct 23, 2009 00:24 AM GMT-06:00
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Asin Thottumkal has created waves in Bollywood with her first movie "Ghajini," and ever since the girl has garnered much fan following. Asin and gorgeous Deepika Padukone have taken friendship between two Bollywood female actors to another level through Farah Khan's "Tere Mere Beach Mein." Many people around the globe believe that two beautiful and successful actors can never be friends. Well, Asin and Deepika seemed to have developed genuine friendship and proved this statement wrong.


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e Asin is staying loyal to her friend Deepika, it seems like she has found a new friend in Bollywood, Kajol Devgan. The gorgeous natural actor Kajol is known to have only a close circle of friends. In fact, upon questioned by Karan Johar she had accepted on "Koffee With Karan" that she doesn't like most of the people we meet. It seems like Asin is not one of those people. Asin and Kajol met first in a studio where Asin was shooting for "Ghajini" and Kajol for "Toonpur Ka Superhero." Upon hearing about Kajol's presence in the studio, Asin was pleased to approach her.

Asin and Kajol also got a chance to bond on the sets of "London Dreams" when Asin was shooting with Kajol's hubby Ajay Devgan. A source revealed that the two got along really well.

Talking about bonding, it's not Kajol that Asin bonded with on the sets of "London Dreams." Asin and Ajay enjoyed shooting together not only because of the good scenes but also because of the tongue twister challenges! A source revealed that Asin would challenge Ajay to English tongue twisters and Ajay would challenge Asin with Hindi tongue twisters. Victory usually belonged to Asin here.

Seems like Asin has found two new friends during the shooting of "London Dreams." Let's hope the friendships will continue beyond the release of "London Dreams."

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