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'As the race slims down, there will be more heart breaks' - Annu Malek

He is a tough nut to crack; he calls a spade a spade.. Here is Annu Malek talking about the Indian Idol contestants, the shocking exits and much more...

Published: Monday,Aug 27, 2007 11:24 AM GMT-06:00
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As the race slims down, there will be more heart breaks - Annu Malek
As the race for Indian Idol 3 gets bitter, Annu Malek speaks to Telly Buzz about who he thinks is the best horse, to lay one's money on.

Your first view on Chang's exit?

Its very sad that such a great singer like Chang had to go. I really liked him. But then, that's the format of the show. Somebody had to go, Remember, as the race slims down, there will be more heart breaks not less. But rest assured, this good looking dentist from Dhanbad has firmly arrrived on the Indian music scene.

Now with just 4 contestants left, how do you assess them indiviually?

Amit Paul has the ideal combination, of both a great voice and a superb personality.

Emon is a very versatile singer, but needs to work on the over all package.

Ankita's stage presence is mind blowing.

Prashant is the dark horse of this contest and may yet end up surprising many of us.

Playing a devil's advocate, who would you want to win?

Amit or Ankita. Amit is the find of Indian Idol 3. Ankita, for she will be the first female to wear this prestigious crown.

Why do you keep fighting with the other judges?

The problem is that I call a spade a spade. When Emon was faltering, I told him off. And the results were there for all to see. Yes, I do argue with the other judges, for they act unfair with some of the contestants.

Don't you think that too much emphasis is being placed on presentation?

See, Indian Idol is an audio visual experience. Having said that, a perfect voice still remains the no 1 requirement. For if tomorrow, I bring in a very besuri, but sexy looking chic, will it work?

Even the judges seem to be giving extra emphasis to looks?

Now that's where you are making a mistake. What we say is, look after your health. Is it wrong to look good and fit?

You have been a part of Indian Idol, since the very beginning...

Its great. Infact I have been called the face of Indian idol by the higher ups at SET. The fact that I alone survive season after season, clearly shows that the public loves me.

The format is criticized on the front that what does audience know of sur tal. Your take on it..

Don't ever underestimate the smartness of the voting public! They can choose the right voice. After all, could Annu Malik have become what he is today, without the janta's support? They are the ones who buy my cd's.

Will the contestant get work, after they finish from here?

See, we have given these talented set of youngsters a platform, the rest depends on their hard work and determination. When we came up, there were no such opportunities. Now atleast when they go looking for work , people know who they are.

So folks, here were the free flowing words of the most controversial judge of Indian Idol. You love him or hate him, but you just cannot ignore the man.

Author: Anil Merani
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maha786 @maha786 16 years ago This content is hidden.
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Mitesh @Mitesh.P 16 years ago I liked the question where Anu has been asked why he keeps argueing with the other judges, but I like his anwser to that question more. I think he is just down to heart honest.
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<< HoNeY >>
<< HoNeY >> @<< HoNeY >> 16 years ago
Please .....

Please .....

Please .....

I want the next interview with Mr.Udit Narayan ..

(( Udit,,, he is the best forever ))
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chhavi @-Kash- 16 years ago even though i don't really like him...i enjoyed the article and the line You love him or hate him but can't ignore him suits him to perfection! :D
Great article! Chang's exit was heartbreaking...however i don't wanna see Ankita or Prashant as the next Indian Idol! :(
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Harman @Herman_4u 16 years ago thanks for the article. anu mallik is avery straight forward kinda guy.
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Bella @~bella~ 16 years ago thxx

buhh agghh Ankita??!!she shuld have left instead of Chang!

Emon or Amit for Indian Idol!<33
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Shaheera @shaheera21 16 years ago Hello..my name is Shaheera...i am from Canada...i dont like you like judges...you are fighting whit all judges....Alisha and Udit Narayan is the best JUDGES...Javed Akhtar want all fril was out!!!....PRASHANT GONNA BE THE INDIAN IDOL 3!!!
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jay @jayster43 16 years ago ankita doesnt have good voice this is all about singing but she is good in performance not in singing so she cannot be indian idol.
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