As hair style, people will follow celebrity voice for noble causes,too

It's the occasion of Father's Day while CRY organizes a celebrity show up for the noble cause of arranging money for underprivileged children and people.

It’s the occasion of Father’s Day while CRY organizes a celebrity show up for the noble cause of arranging money for underprivileged children and people. Sikander Kher, the newborn star in Bollywood is found standing with CRY for helping them in the cause. Being asked about the occasion and the Father’s Day, the star, Sikander, opens his heart only to share his personal views…

Q. How did you consider about joining this occasion?
A. It’s for CRY which is always for good cause. A good amount of contribution is made to make sure that children of our county from 2500 villages and slums will be helped by CRY and its partners to have full access to all basic rights such as schools, health facilities and gainful employment for adults etc.

Q. What are you planning to do on this Father's Day?
A. Something very special. See, the day can't be summed up only with a gift but I have to try on how much I can be like him and make him feel proud. That’ll be the best Father’s Day gift.

Q. Being associated with an organization like CRY, what message would you like to give to your fans?
A. It’s not only about me spreading some messages; I feel everybody must come forward for any such good cause. This organization has come forward with such a good cause and I also have joined them for it, likewise, everyone should come forward for noble causes like this.

Q. Are you also planning for something like that?
A. No, I am actually trying to learn about it. But I think that people should come forward to support it whole heartily in bringing up the children of our county. I, too, am trying to work for this kind of causes.

Q. The film Summer 2007 is also about social cause. Are you planning to do something to go beyond this?
A. Of course. One should always follow the insight and the passion that she or he has for those noble causes and they should always jump into those matters wholeheartedly. These are few things that do make me feel for, so I am here.

Q. How does the presence of celebrities help this kind of programmes?
A. First of all, I don't want to call myself a celebrity, but I may request them that if they come for some noble causes, that will really prove helpful for the cause because their voice reaches to people very fast and everyone listens to them and follows them as well. When people follow even a celebrity’s hair style, they will definitely follow their voice calling people help the noble causes.

-Sabir Rahman

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