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Arshi Khan: Sidharth & Rashami are reprising what Vikas & Shilpa did in BB11

Former Bigg Boss participant Arshi Khan accused Sidharth and Rashami of copying Vikas and Shilpa from BB11; revealed that she doesn’t like Mahira at all…


Bigg Boss 13 which premiered in September this year has already completed a month now. As the days are passing, the competition is getting tougher and so is the survival inside the house. This has also resulted in divided opinions and criticism for the housemates by other celebs from the industry. One of them is former contestant, Arshi Khan who participated in the 11th season.

In an interview with IWMbuzz, Khan shared her opinions about the contestants and the game. Speaking about Sidharth and Rashami’s constant fights, she said, “This is bound to happen if you try to imitate our season. Sidharth Shukla and Rashami Desai are reprising what Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde did 2 seasons ago. Shehnaz Gill, on her part, is also trying to ape me. No one likes a copy. Little wonder that numbers are just not coming. If our season reached 3.9, this time the weekday numbers are not going beyond 0.7.”

“With such low ratings, the task for Bigg Boss creative is cut out, for once the competition goes into the middle overs, contestants to start to lose steam and mellow down.”

But you will concede that there is high drama this time around? “Well, masala is given in this format. Did we not see enough of it even during Swami Om’s season? What matters is quality,” she shared her view about the ratings of the show.

The actress also feels that among the 13 contestants, Sidharth Shukla is playing the best game. “He and super-trending. Asim Riaz might go the whole hog. Rashami is also a dark horse,” added Arshi.

About the allegations on Sidharth for being aggressive with women, she said, “Haha, here it is the reverse. Most girls seem to be running into him. I don’t like Mahira Sharma one bit. She is bakwaas.”

Talking about Paras and Shehnaz, she said, “This dude himself acts like a woman and yet accuses other gals of Janani talk. His whole game is more or less centred solely around Mahira and Shehnaz Gill.

“This crazy gal (Sana) is getting insecure post-Hindustani Bhau and Himanshi Khurana’s entry. She needs to understand that she can’t be the only one providing entertainment in the house. Sooner or later, you do meet your match.”

“Also, Sana could never come out of her Paras fixation. Her friendship with Shukla was just a façade.”


Arshi Khan

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Alpha_Ka_Gamma 8 months ago Which TRP is she checking ? BB 11 never got 3.9 on 10:30 Weekdays. It used to be 2+ only. BB 13 is not scoring 0.7 its rather near 1.7 in Weekdays which is very good. Arshi Khan and her usual drama
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