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Armaan gets violent with Andy!

High voltage drama is coming up in the show Bigg Boss Saath 7. A fight is supposed to have happened today between VJ Andy and Armaan Kohli during the Chor Police task.

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As each day passes by and as competition gets tougher and goes up to another level in the Bigg Boss house, Bigg Boss is all set to announce the new tasks through which we get to see a lot of entertainment and also fights happening during the tasks. A new task of Chor- Police in the reality show Bigg Boss Saath 7 on Colors will keep viewers glued to their television sets for some more drama and masti.

During this entire season of Bigg Boss Saath 7, we have seen many tasks taking place in the house and we have seen each and every contestant performing the tasks too. Well along with each task that they perform we  also have seen them fighting too.

Some days back there was a huge fight in the house between VJ Andy and Kushal Tandon, after which Kushal Tondon had to exit the Bigg Boss house as he got physically violent with VJ Andy over an issue that took place long back in the house. Well something similar will  be seen yet again in the house.

As per our source today too there was a fight in the house, "A huge fight will take place between Armaan Kohli and Andy during the Chor - Police task. We have seen in the last few episodes that Armaan was seen very angry with Andy and did not want to speak to him anymore. During the Chor - Police task Armaan and Andy get into a huge fight. The fight extends to such a level that Armaan Kohli loses his temper totally and gets  physically violent with Andy.

It seems that this happened because Andy had stolen a very important thing belonging to Armaan during the Chor - Police task. This angered Armaan a lot and he turned violent."

So will Armaan too have to follow Kushal's steps and exit the house for physical violence? Or will Armaan just be warned and given a softer punishment?

Keep reading this space for all the latest updates of Bigg Boss Saath 7.

Krishma Solanki


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chevycharm 7 years ago I think kohli family is financing Big boss 7 this time. That's why Arman is free to do what ever he wants
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anya9 7 years ago ab dekhte armaan ko nikalte hai ki nahi
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-Ms.Muffin- 7 years ago Oh god plz remove this annoying man from BB house. The Whole season is gone waste because of him there is no desire to watch even. That man has no shame and no respect towards fellow contestants. The worst season of BB
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samicute 7 years ago armaan ko nikalein yahan sa plzzzcall kushal back in house
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bollywoodwala 7 years ago Bigg Boss 7 looks like a movie with no story which is being stretched for no reasons...
Its getting monotonous and boring.. Need to shake-up things a little bit in the house now.. Some more evictions will do that i guess
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Asmi2013 7 years ago this BB season is most will see what Mr. Bias Khan wants to say abt this act.
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lucky17 7 years ago ARmaan ko nikalein kismein yeh himmat hai. Salman mein to nahin. All the abusive language that he has used in the show is non-violent as per him. He is forgiven because he knows 1000 ways of saying sorry..
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_mahi_ 7 years ago "Mujhse galti ho gayi.. Bada bhai samjh kar muaaf karde.. tere paanv pakadta hoon.." - Armaan will say and everything will be fine..
Armaan kitna chillaata hai yaar... iska moonh band karo koi.. I am tired of it.. playing games is fine but this shouting just gets on my nerves.. so ANNOYING
Reply thumbs-up 16 thumbs-down
KSG_luv 7 years ago If armaan isn't out the house cZ of that..I officially quit this show..went from watching it everyday in season 4 to barely watching it to reading written finally just relying on news to keep me updated..the show is losing it's charm..the only reason I even care about this show is SALMAN KHAN..

love Salman Khan2013-11-18 13:34:13
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Sweet_angle12 7 years ago Kushal left the bb house then armaan also have to leave the house. If he doesn't leave the house then it really unfair
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