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Armaan and Shashank in for a debate..

Dil Mill Gayye is going in for another twist. To know who wins, read further...

Published: Friday,Feb 13, 2009 18:16 PM GMT-07:00
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Star One's Dill Mill Gayye is all set to take a new turn as Dr. Armaan and Dr. Shashank get into a debate. This is all for convincing the latter that Armaan loves Riddhima and their love is true. Well it was an interesting debate but this time Shashank wins the race.

"In the earlier episodes, it was shown that Armaan places his tent in front of Riddhima's house. Dr. Shashank gets irritated and calls BMC to get rid of him and his illegal house. This is where Armaan thinks that the only way to convince the latter is to talk to him," says our source.

They call the media and go in for a debate. "I'm not a public person but because of you I'm here today in front of media," says Shashank. Whereas Armman replies, "I'm here to prove my love to your daughter and you."

"The duo debate on many aspect as to why they are right in their path, but at the end it's the father who wins the battle. Poor Armaan is not able to persuade him. There is lot more in store for the viewers," concludes the source.

Thus it's truly said that being in love is not easy.

Reporter and Author:  Ranjini Nair

Karan Singh Grover Shashank

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jasmeet92 6 years ago It is a interesting movie and Amitabh Bachchan is a brilliant actor he play a outstanding role in the movie and i really enjoy this movie.
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kritiksg 12 years ago love u dmg.....love u ksg.......plz come naa..i love uuuuu
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kashforlifex 14 years ago noooo i want armaan to win!! he loves riddhima!! he respects shashank...and shashank is ignoring him....not realising how much pain he is causing to his own daughter...arrrgh! ARMAAN ROCKS!!!!
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FarzuIrani 14 years ago i wanted armaan to win the race. nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohe cant loose he is my hero.
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mjht2dmg 14 years ago dude how can he do that????
he''s such ... heis ruining his own daughters life :''( HATE SHASHANK!!!! : @
i just dnt get this crap! ridzy is a not a kid ok i gt that he is father nd he is worried fo her but if sombody luv her lyk romeo dude u shuld understand that!!!!!
i alway lykd dmg bcoz it was sumthing diferent than other serials no rich-poor problems, no family rona dhona etc but now its becoming the typical crap [sorry to say da but ... :| ]
nd anji omg instead of helping ridzy or at least suppring she s saying that she is adopted omg these gupta''s arr turning evils!
shashank old but dating padma but when young people dat;nooo all sansakr nd emotiona blackmailing has to cum..... arggg :@
cant wait t see AR tgetha again far from these problems : P
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-Cherry- 14 years ago ohhhhhhhhhhh damnning shashank
awwwwwwwwww poorrrr armaan
i really hate shashank
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ammy-ridz 14 years ago I just haaaaaaaaaate this.What the hell r these SO called Creavives doing.It''s high time now that they should get over this topic.It is just too FAKE to believe N CHILDISH too.I REQUEST THE CREATIVES TO PLS MAINTAIN THE QUALITY OF THE SHOW.WE REALLY WANT AR TO BE TOGETHER N EVERYBODY EXCEPT IT BUT,NOT SUCH NON-SENSE N ILL-LOGICAL STUFF.Plllsss GUYS.
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janu1610 14 years ago Damnnnnnnn Shshank.AR r not akid any more .Should get out of this shell.Grow up and get
married. thats all.Why this debate n all that crap.Shshank is a hipocrate .He himself got married twice and that wasLOVE MARRIAGE.now trying to snatch rights of his daughter.BULL SHIT.
Atlast Anjie utter her inner thought.U r adopted and all that and she forgot this sis save her carrier ..then also she was adoptedInstead of giving support she is against her.Even bomb blast tragedy happend than Shshank utteredDr. Malik i am glad u r friend of Ridz.hE NEVER THINK ONCE.A guy was with her in blues.
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cute_madhu 14 years ago seriously!!!!
If mah shona shilpu di was still in DMG then no such crap wud hav been required..
n well em glad she left..abb bus bro ko jana chahiye..I so want him to go..
N yes for kind info..Shilpa is doin movies down south..her career isn''t facing sum down fall..
n well for KSG even if his career goes down..it doesn''t matter atleast there won''t be rude artciles to read abt mah darling bro..who is said to be romancing wiv so many gals around...
take a luk around n u''ll see...How much KSG is being ridiculed.....
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ArmaansGirl 14 years ago gawd knos where DMG creatives went rong dat dey chnged such a beautiful luv stry show in2 a nytmare! i never ever tohught dat dis show would tke such a horrible turn! its my fav show along w/ kumkum n i h8 2 c DMG lyk dis! shashank is being an ass i hve 2 say! wat bad does he c in armaan? :(
n KSG n evry1''s talent is being wsted in dis dumb strylyn! i bever tohught i would say dis bout DMG but im realli h8ing wats happening now! :( wish armaan had 1...but i still luv KSG! :D hes an amazing actor! n armaan rox! AR 4eva! :D <3
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