Are you a mood dresser? Choose your colour

New Delhi, May 20 (IANS) Does your mood dictate the colour of your clothes? If yes, then you are one of those who wear emotions on their sleeves and are better known as 'Mood Dressers'.

New Delhi, May 20 (IANS) Does your mood dictate the colour of your clothes? If yes, then you are one of those who wear emotions on their sleeves and are better known as 'Mood Dressers'.

Prachi Gupta, 21, admits that the colour she wears reflects her mood.

'Unconsciously the colour of the clothes I wear every day depends on my mood that day. If I am furious - I wear dull colours like beige and brown and often I don't even dress up well if I am not in a good mood,' said Gupta, a media professional.

'But if I feel bright and happy on a certain day, I wear bright colours - I deck up with a neck piece or earrings.'

According to leading psychiatrist Sanjay Chugh, people who tend to dress according to their moods are known as 'Mood Dressers'.

'Colours do indeed affect our mood. Conversely, our mood affects our reaction to or preference for colours. Colour is just another form of light or electromagnetic energy. Different colours are associated with different types of energies,' Chugh told IANS.

'A certain energy inside one's system will automatically make a person gravitate towards a certain colour. There is also the psychological aspect to it. For ages, different colours have been associated with different moods and that might affect the way a person feels.

'With the help of colours one can understand not only one's mood states but also the imbalances that might be present.'

Shikha Bamzai, a software professional, said that on a bad day when her energy levels are low, she dresses to perfection to look good and feel better.

'I don't know why it happens but suddenly on one day when you get up, you just don't feel like doing anything. That is the day when I spend more time in front of the mirror and take hours to dress up,' Bamzai explained.

Tracking the psychology of Bamzai's mindset, Samir Parikh, consultant psychiatrist at Max Healthcare in New Delhi, said that to fetch compliments people deck up on bad days because it makes them feel good.

'Colours don't decide your mood, it is the mood that decides which colour one opts for. If you are feeling low and want to look happy, then you will put in efforts to deck up to fetch compliments which will indirectly make you happy. Hence you feel better,' Parikh said.

'No specific colour is directly related to any emotion. It is just a mindset and it is the mood swing that dictates what you are wearing.'

To deal with the blues, people also opt for alternative healing practices like chromotherapy which uses colour and light to balance physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental energy.

'Emotions play a pivotal role in dictating your mood. There are seven chakras or energy centres in our body and there should be a balance between them; otherwise less access of colours create imbalance in the body that leads to stress and depression,' colour therapist and tarot expert Seema Midha explained.

In case you are having bad days, Midha suggests you wear pink and if you are angry then avoid wearing red because it might lead to confrontations.

So next time you are heading to choose your outfit, make sure it's you and not your mood that is dictating the colour.

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