Archana Gautam expelled from the Congress party for 6 years, confirms party's spokesperson

Archana Gautam, renowned for her appearance on Bigg Boss 16, has been officially removed from the Congress party for a period of six years, as confirmed by the party's spokesperson.

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Archana Gautam

A few days ago, Archana Gautam made headlines due to her alleged dispute with certain women in Delhi. A video that circulated on social media depicted Archana and her father being physically confronted by a group of women outside the Congress headquarters in Delhi.

Following this incident, recent reports have resurfaced on the internet, indicating that the actress was expelled from the party back in June of this year. These reports suggest that her expulsion was based on allegations of misconduct.

Mr. Anshu Awasthi, the spokesperson for Congress in Uttar Pradesh, has verified this development, affirming that Archana Gautam is no longer affiliated with the party. He explained, "Despite her lack of political background, the party placed its trust in her, showed her respect and dignity, and nominated her for the Hastinapur constituency. However, numerous complaints of misconduct and inappropriate behavior were lodged by party workers in the Meerut unit who had stood by and supported her during the 2022 Assembly elections. Consequently, the party's disciplinary committee has decided to expel Archana Gautam from the party."

As of now, Archana has not issued any public statements regarding this matter.

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