Arbaaz Khan suprises Malaika!

Arbaaz plays the perfect hubby on the sets of Star Plus’ Perfect Bride as he gives a surprise to wife Malaika Arora Khan!

Malaika Arora Khan thought her birthday would go by uneventfully on the sets of Star Plus' Perfect Bride but she was in for a delightful surprise!

Says our source, "Arbaaz Khan who is shooting for Dabangg, left his shooting early and came all the way to Karjat on the sets of Perfect Bride to wish his wife. Malaika was bowled over just by seeing him!"

Adds the source, "What made Malaika go emotional was the way Arbaaz professed his love for her in front of everyone. He did it as though he only fell for her yesterday. Arbaaz was frank about the many misunderstandings and fights that had happened between both of them but how with each fight their relationship only grew stronger. He thought this information would help the contestants have a realistic approach towards marriage."

Apparently, the commitment evident between Malaika and Arbaaz drove Romit Raj to tears who recently called off his wedding with Shilpa Shinde. Says the source, "Arbaaz gave a lot of man-to-man advice to Romit. Romit on the other hand gave clarifications regarding why his relationship had to end. It was the first time he had talked so frankly about his parting ways with Shilpa."

Catch this episode on the 24th of October on Star Plus at 10pm.

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Comments (13)

i love there Jodi..!!!! they make a perfect couple..

14 years ago

wow amazing i like malaika n arbaaz jodi.

14 years ago

OMG! Y did he call off his engagement with Shilpa? I thought they were getting married in Dec.

14 years ago

now celebrities r even ready to wash their dirty linen in public for TRPs

14 years ago

aww that's cute, omg why did he call his engagment off? romit raj?!

14 years ago

Awwww... they're a couple everyone looks up to... awesome pair!

14 years ago

Arbaaz and Malaika are a great couple!!!!

14 years ago

wish the couple a long, happy married life.

N yes, its nt juus d patni who is to be perfect always, bt d pati also hs to do efforts to keep romance alive and play perfect!it dsn't mean "dal mei kala" always.

14 years ago

arbaaz looks cute!!
awesome couple.
he is a loving husband!!

14 years ago

arbaaz is really so sweet
wish he and malaika stay together forever, and beyond...

14 years ago

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