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Anushka Sharma on prioritizing motherhood & balancing career: I want to do one film a year

In a recent revelation, Anushka shared her and Virat's conscious decision to prioritize her daughter's needs and create a sense of balance in her life.

Published: Saturday,May 27, 2023 10:34 AM GMT-06:00
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Anushka Sharma and Vamika

Celebrity power couple Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli have captured the hearts of millions with their love and adorable daughter, Vamika. Balancing their thriving careers with their roles as doting parents has been a top priority for the couple. In a recent revelation, Anushka shared their conscious decision to prioritize her daughter's needs and create a sense of balance in her life.

During a Puma event in Bengaluru, Anushka expressed that she and Virat have recognized their daughter's growing need for her presence and attention. Understanding this, she has taken deliberate steps to achieve equilibrium. One significant adjustment Anushka has made is to limit herself to working on only one film per year. By doing so, she aims to fully immerse herself in the joy of acting while ensuring she dedicates ample time to her family.

"I want to do one film a year, enjoy the process of acting, which is what I like, and balance my life out like the way I am, giving time to family," she revealed. Anushka's focus on family time and personal fulfillment reflects her evolving priorities as she embraces the journey of motherhood.

Virat, Anushka and Vamika

Anushka also emphasized that Virat actively participates in family life, underscoring the importance of shared responsibilities. Her intentions are not to prove anything to others, be it as an actor, public figure, or mother. Instead, she is committed to following her own path and finding happiness in her choices. Motherhood has empowered Anushka to trust herself and her instincts more, as she is now responsible for making decisions for her young, dependent child. This newfound confidence has allowed her to detach from external validation and focus on what truly feels right for her and her family.

As Anushka continues to navigate her professional and personal life, her dedication to nurturing her daughter and creating a harmonious balance serves as an inspiration. 

Anushka Sharma Vamika Kohli

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