Anupamaa's Ankush Kapadia aka Rohit Bakshi gets a new look.

Rohit Bakshi: A good haircut adds to your confidence level

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Rohit Bakshi

For actor Rohit Bakshi, a good haircut has always worked in making him feel better. However, deciding the style is not something he does on his own. He leaves this part to his hair stylist Sameer Salmani

“I feel a good haircut that suits your face surely makes you look sharper, and if one is going short, it makes you even younger. It adds up to your confidence level. That is important to me, as well as to other people, I am sure. Who doesn't want to feel confident? I don't put too much time or thought behind my look, though, on a personal level. I leave it to the hair stylist,” he says.

Talking about Sameer, and his experience with him, he says, “My experience has always been great, hence I go all the way to Bandra for my hair. He is more of a friend now, and his place feels like home; he knows what he is doing and is very confident about the same.”

He adds, “This time I wanted a complete look change and wanted to go shorter. I showed him references but he doesn't follow that, and till the last minute, one doesn't know what he is going to do! (laughs). So it gets a little stressful sometimes, but I trust him. He has never disappointed me and this time as well I am happy with my cut for sure. It's been close to 2 years now that I have been visiting him.”

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