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Anupamaa: Vanraj to execute a plan against Anu- Anuj; Vanraj and Anuj meet with an accident

Gear up for an exciting episode of Star Plus show 'Anupamaa'.

Published: Monday,Aug 08, 2022 05:09 AM GMT-06:00
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Anuj, Anu and Vanraj

Star Plus show 'Anupamaa' has kept the viewers hooked to the TV screens. The current track of the show revolves around a major rift between Shah and Kapadiya families. Vanraj is furious on the Shah family members for visiting Anu's house just after all the drama.

In the upcoming episodes, Vanraj taunts Pakhi for trying to be an ideal daughter. He also blame Anu and Anuj for becoming the heroes of the family while they made him look like a villian in front of his own family.

Anu and Anuj talk about the issues between both the families. She thanks Anuj for inviting the Shah family for puja in a temple. Anuj states that he arranged the puja for little Anu and Kinjal's baby and thus he wanted everyone to attend the puja.

Bapuji tries to calm Vanraj and tells him about the puja. Kavya and Leela ask Vanraj to stop being stubborn. Later, Leela tries to calm Vanraj and he talks about not giving up and thinks about executing a plan.

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Anu and Anuj talk about the announcement that they've decided about. Anuj gets Vanraj's message asking him to meet him after puja. Anuj hides the same from Anu and asks her to get ready. Anu surprises him with a dance.

The families meet at temple. Everyone compliments Anuj- Anu. Vanraj sees them. Anuj heads to meet Vanraj while Anu asks him to not go. Vanraj and Anuj meet.

Furthermore, Vanraj and Anuj meet with an accident. Kavya cries for V while Anu weeps for Anuj.

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