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Anupamaa: Vanraj loses cool as Kavya asks him to see a doctor, Pakhi lashes out on parents

Anupamaa has been undergoing a bunch of twists and turns and up ahead, things are about to take a newer turn.

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Anupamaa has been constantly topping the charts for a long time now and it has drawn a lot of attention from the fans for various reasons. Ever since Anuj Kapadia's (Gaurav Khanna) entry into the show, things have brought about a lot of change, one being Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) gaining confidence and also standing up for herself.

Anupama will now be working with Anuj to find women who are good cooks so as to incorporate the same into their hotel. While on one hand, they are talking about the competition, on the other, Kavya returns to Anuj for a job offer. The latter, however, now has second thoughts as he has seen everything that went down earlier. Nonetheless, he is in two minds to make a decision on the basis of Vanraj (Sudhanshu Pandey). Anuj asks Anupama about what she thinks as he does not want to take the decision and asks her to make the pick.

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On the other hand, Samar speaks to Nandini, and consoles her that all is going to be okay and Rohan won't bother her. However, Rohan has other plans. Amid all of this, Vanraj is also losing his cool as after misbehaving with a client, he also fires his chef.

Now, while Anuj agrees that Kavya is fit for the job, he also reminds her about what goes into their house as the project and his partner are most important to him, and if that creates trouble, it will be her last day at the job. He also tells her that this job is credited to Anupama after all. In the upcoming episode, we will see Kavya and Vanraj get into another fight when he hears what is going on. She then suggests he see a doctor and he loses his calm, hurting himself. On the other hand, Pakhi too, is hurt and tired, and questions what should a kid do when they are tired of their parents?

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