Anupamaa: Vanraj and Baa embark on their journey to America

Anupamaa written update, 4 March 2024: While Baa and Vanraj prepare to depart for America, Vanraj warns Dimple, Kavya, and Pakhi against actions he disapproves of.

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Anupamaa: Vanraj and Baa embark on their journey to America
Baa and Vanraj prepare to depart for America. Image Courtesy: Star Plus

In tonight's Anupamaa episode, Toshu (Aashish Mehrotra) inquires if Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) has any questions about the event. Anupama shakes her head, indicating no. He instructs her to proceed to the stall and handle all the decorations, emphasising his desire to avoid last-minute panic. He expresses his intention to depart, but Anupama interrupts, urging him to wait and offering him curd and sugar. 

Reflecting on Toshu's diligence during his youth, Anupama reminisces about his commitment to both work and studies, praising his past academic achievements. She reassures Toshu of his competence and potential, urging him to seize the opportunity presented to him and not betray Anuj's (Gaurav Khanna) trust. Toshu pledges his commitment, with Kinjal (Nidhi Shah) advising him to align his actions with Anuj's preferences. Toshu affirms his determination to adhere to Anuj's wishes.

Vanraj and Baa bid farewell:

Anupama proceeds to grind the spices, with Kinjal inquiring about her comfort in Anuj's presence. Anupama assures her that she is at ease. Meanwhile, Anuj inspects ID cards while Baa and Vanraj prepare to depart for America. Baa expresses concern about the air hostess as a daughter-in-law, prompting Babu ji to urge her not to treat her unkindly. Mahi declines any requests for gifts and bids farewell, instructing them to take care of themselves. Ansh requests a gift from Vanraj, who promises to bring gifts for everyone. Baa advises Babu ji against indulging in cream rolls, tearfully bidding them farewell. Mahi offers a card to Vanraj, but he declines, prompting Baa to accept it. Vanraj instructs Ansh to assist Baa into the car.

At the event, Anupama encounters difficulty with her tag, which Anuj resolves. Anupama remarks on the simplicity of the solution, while Vanraj warns Dimple, Kavya, and Pakhi against actions he disapproves of, instructing them to remain at home. Anupama and Anuj collaborate on setting up the event and update her on Shruti's absence due to her parents' passing, revealing that he sent Aadhya with her. Anupama expresses concern about Shruti travelling alone, prompting Anuj to share his desire to accompany her. Yashdeep interrupts, assigning Anuj tasks, and Anupama sprains her foot. Yashdeep offers assistance, but Anupama declines, opting to treat her injury herself.

Anuj's emotional turmoil: and Aadhya from Anupamaa. Video Courtesy: India Forums Hindi Youtube Channel

Meanwhile, Kavya and Dimple encounter Pakhi and dissuade her from causing trouble. Anupama receives a hot pack with a note from Anuj, evoking emotional gratitude. Anuj prepares to approach Anupama when Aadhya intervenes, questioning his actions. Expressing her frustration, she accuses him of forgetting everything, particularly Shruti's kindness. Aadhya contrasts his behaviour with how he used to respond to both Anu and Shruti's calls. She emphasises Shruti's significance to their family and reminds him of the support she provided. Aadhya insists that Shruti shouldn't endure any more suffering. Placing a phone in his hand, she prompts him to call Shruti, only for Anuj to realise it was merely her imagination. Anuj reflects on Shruti's unwarranted pain, acknowledging the depth of her love and his own struggles with emotions comparable to hers.

Precap for the next episode:'s upcoming episode. Video Courtesy: India Forums Hindi Youtube Channel

Anupama observes a group of thugs harassing Toshu and sternly warns them against laying a hand on her son, emphasising that they shouldn't dare to provoke a mother. Subsequently, Anupama arrives at a doorstep and rings the bell. Yashdeep emerges and assists her in selecting vegetables. As the door opens, Anupama is taken aback, encountering Vanraj, who greets her with a smile.

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