Anupamaa: Pakhi plans to expose Dimple's lie

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Anupamaa, Pakhi encounters Dimple and Titu at an event and vows to expose her.

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In tonight's Anupamaa episode, Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) issues a stern warning to Barkha and Malti Devi, urging Barkha to help her mother-in-law understand, drawing from her own past experiences. She explicitly conveys that harbouring such thoughts should be kept within, and any disclosure, especially to Choti or others, will not be tolerated. Malti Devi, showing determination, symbolizes her commitment by tying her pallu. In reflection, Anupama contemplates how often she should forgive them for repeating the same mistake.

Simultaneously, Kavya's message about shortlisting houses leads to a tense atmosphere. Vanraj drops Dimple off at her friend's house, where Dimple reassures him and promises to call later. However, suspicious Vanraj observes Dimple and her friend waiting outside for someone after he leaves. Anupama, troubled by Vanraj's changing behaviour, confides in Anuj, expressing her concern about Dimple possibly following Kavya's path due to the stifling atmosphere created by Vanraj. Anupama details a recent encounter with Vanraj's rude behaviour, leaving Anuj surprised at the extremes Vanraj tends to go.

Later, Vanraj, seething with anger, encounters a biker but restrains himself. Simultaneously, Anuj discusses potential houses for Kavya over the phone, emphasizing his preference for fully furnished options.

As family dynamics unfold, Baa scolds Pakhi for her behaviour, prompting Kavya to intervene. Pakhi expresses frustration and accuses them of double standards. Anuj expresses hopes for Pakhi to stay within limits at Anupama's house while Baa struggles to maintain composure. Pakhi's disrespectful behaviour escalates when she receives a call and announces her plans to have fun, leaving the family concerned.

Anuj and Anupama visit Choti's school, where Anuj emphasizes the importance of correcting her behaviour. Meanwhile, Dimple faces trouble at an event, encountering Pakhi and her friend. Pakhi vows to expose Dimple's lie, setting the stage for a confrontation.

Precap: Vanraj confronts Dimple about her presence, leading to a heated exchange. Titu faces Vanraj's wrath, resulting in a shocking slap. Anupama arrives on the scene, defending her niece and challenging Vanraj's authority, resulting in a tense standoff.

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Another dholki pf shah family

2 months ago

When Pakhi exposes Dimple will Vanraj ask his darling daughter for venturing out late? He doesn't have the courage to slap his daughter for leaving her husband but has the audacity to prove Dimple bad. Ridiculous 🤬😡

2 months ago

Ye Besharam Badtameez Makkhi kya kisi ko expose karegi... Khud se ek kaam nahi hota aur Baap/Pati/Maa ke dusre pati, ke paison par aish karti hai.
Ye ghatiya Makkhi apni Maa jaisi Anpadh aur Nikammi hai aur apne Baap jaise Jaahil aur kameenapan se bhari hui. A perfectly defective Anuraj product.

2 months ago

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