Anupamaa: Paakhi to leave the Kapadia house and return to the Shah House

In the upcoming storyline, a significant twist unfolds as Pakhi decides to leave the Kapadia house

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Paakhi Anupamaa

Star Plus' "Anupamaa" has a dedicated fan base, and the makers are committed to entertaining the audience with unexpected twists and turns. The current storyline revolves around Vanraj (Sudhanshu Pandey) urging Kavya (Madalsa Sharma) not to refer to her baby as his own. The plot takes a dramatic turn when Choti expresses her grievances about Anupama always overlooking Pakhi's rude behaviour. 

However, when Choti finally raises her voice, Anupama berates her, questioning if it's because Choti is not her biological daughter and implying that Anupama doesn't love her due to her adopted status. Disheartened, Choti reveals her feeling of being unloved and leaves, shocking Anupama and Anuj.

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In the upcoming storyline, a significant twist unfolds as Pakhi decides to leave the Kapadia house. This decision comes after a doctor informs Pakhi that she can become a mother through IVF. Determined to focus on her business, Pakhi faces scepticism from Adhik and strives to present a business proposal to Anuj for funding.

However, when Anuj rejects Pakhi's proposal, the drama intensifies. Undeterred, Pakhi leaves the Kapadia house and relocates to the Shah house. The turn of events raises the question of Anupamaa's decision in response to these developments.

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Thali ka baingan she's

2 months ago

I just don't like her at all

2 months ago

pakhi is very annoying character

2 months ago

Good. Bye bye useless idiot.

2 months ago

So this useless girl act like she's independent can't get her own place and she's going back to Shah house. GFN

2 months ago

Fir se TamaShah shuru. There'll be fights at Shah shanty. After few days, this Makkhi will be found sun bathing on the footpath and then Maa Beti will do roadside nautanki there after which she will bring Makkhi back to K Dharamshala claiming that she needs a change of place from the Shah shanty.

2 months ago

Shukar hai jaa daffa te wapas na ach you belong in the shanty with the rest of your filthy phemli!

2 months ago

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