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Anupamaa on Star Plus is a progressive approach on not just women empowerment but also Indian Bahus

Anupamaa is showcasing a very compelling yet often neglected theme, the one that says - bahu bhi beti hoti hai and here's what we think about it.

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We live in a day and age where content is truly the king and it is only that, which makes and breaks a show. And one such show, that has managed to prove the same is Anupamaa. It is a show that has made people cry, relate to the characters on-screen, and feel many other emotions through what they see. Anupamaa's recent sequence did bring many to tears.

Anupamaa (played by Rupali Ganguly), who is no longer the daughter-in-law to the Shah family anymore, but her Babuji (Arvind Vaidya) has always treated her as her daughter. And hence, when he split the property, he did so between both Vanjra and Dolly, and also Anupama. And that is just about proof of how the stories have evolved to cater to contemporary times, but also doing so keeping traditions in mind. One can sure trust Star Plus to do so with its bunch of shows that empower women, highlight various relevant subjects, and also showing the Indian Bahus ins a different light.

The series is showcasing a very compelling yet often neglected theme, the one that says- bahu bhi beti hoti hai. With people across the country watching the television from their homes, shows like these bring the viewers and their family members to realize that women too deserve to be treated with love and respect, regardless of their status or the roles they play. 

Other shows on the channel continue to set the bar high with the likes of Imlie, Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Meiin, Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2, among others. From targeting people on the way they think to try to change mindsets while going after patriarchy, Anupamaa has managed to do all those things and a lot more. 

With that and so many other shows, Star Plus continues to align with its tagline of ‘Rishta Wahi, Baat Nayi’.

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A4Anjie 3 months ago I don't think there is any other progressive show on SP except MHRW and Diya aur bati hum (old show)!

Serving adult children and in-laws after husband badly cheated her / double marriage (is crime) / dual personality pendulum promised love to vahini .. is not progressive.... probably they forgot what being progressive means!
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surabhi01 3 months ago Why bahu shown to be guity if she Fail to do ome thing in house
Is bahu is not Human being. Wby is it expected bahu should each and every work that too perfectly.
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surabhi01 3 months ago Indian bahus need note to be maid of house
Why anupama grown up children are not doing house hold work. Why these children are not helping anupama in house hold work

To proove good bahu why bahu need to do whole house work and serving
What if bahu go to kitty party. Watching movie with her friend playing games does doing these things make bad bahu ??

I know in family one should not make uncessary Fight but that does not mean ghar mein shanti bani rahe to bahu ko bus naukarani ki tarah kaam karte rehne chahiye

Now anupama is no more bahu of shah phir to mujhe anupama ka unke liye maid ki tarah kaam karna samajh nahin ho raha

Yes we should do some house hold work but i want free anupama jo yeh kahe main ab apne liye time dena chahti hoon i am tired of doing house hold responsiblity for 25 year all alone
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No.1StarPlusFan 3 months ago I like Anupamaa as it’s entertaining. Also because it’s slot leader, and has almost 3 times the viewership of Mollakee which is a cut copy paste of Bandini (old Ekta Kapoor serial on NDTV Imagine).
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Neon9 3 months ago Anupama will be called fully progressive that day when Anupama will step outside to make her own identity and will stand on her own feet. But from which angle Ghum and Imlie are progressive !!! Imlie, this show is just, starting from justifying a force marriage where only first wife can be your true love to making a mockery of 7 years old relationship I AM SORRY THIS IS PROGRESSIVE ? And Ghum, blatantly promoting EMA and crap. I would prefer watching a wall for the next 40 mins rather than watching these two !!!
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shahsb_26 3 months ago 😂😂 Star Plus walo ne likhwaya article? I thought Rupali said crap like Anupama is about Indian Bahus and was here to critcize the comment... But seems writers are in their lala land... Anupama will be different only if it stops showing typical direction of how Anupama will always be there to solve Shah family problems rather than focusing on her own journey.. It's not called progressive. It's still sad that a woman's life is presented to revolve only around her family... Be Ishita - a doctor by profession had her life only around Bhallas.. It's freaking annoying to see zero reality in a way woman is presented on SP.. Sandhya on Star Plus was probably the only one to not have her life revolve around suraj and parivaar but balance it. Shaurya aur Anokhi ki Kahani could have been different but seems like with time even FL there has her life revolve around ML [LOL]...
Pallavi from Mehendi Hai Rachnewali still seems to be a balanced character...

Imlie is NOT progressive... Just because it promotes Threesome of how sautens can be friends...
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gurl-enchanted 3 months ago No comments on Anupama as I haven’t seen it yet. But how are Ghum and Imlie progressive? Two women wanting the same man and the man ghumaoing both with his indecisiveness is progressive? Also, the bhabhi jaap in Pandya Store can hardly be called modern or even sensible, even though I love the family bonding and ShiVi in that show 🤣
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CaNaBa 3 months ago 🤣🤣🤣🤣. Progressive, evolved. Like do you actually watch these shows.
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