Anupamaa: It's not Toshu but This person who put the cockroach in the Biryani

However, the latest update reveals that it won't be Toshu, but Rahul who put the cockroach in the Biryani to get back at Toshu.

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The popular Star Plus show "Anupamaa" recently jumped ahead in time, causing big changes in the story and cast. Fans were shocked when Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) and Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) had a painful breakup. The story now focuses on Anupama winning the Super Star Chef competition and becoming a co-owner of Spice and Chutney restaurant.

India Forums has revealed that a big drama is coming up. Food critics will visit Spice and Chutney for an inspection and find a cockroach in the Biryani. Initially, Toshu will be blamed for this.

However, the latest update reveals that it won't be Toshu, but Rahul who put the cockroach in the Biryani to get back at Toshu. Rahul, who holds a grudge against Toshu, deliberately sabotaged the food to tarnish Toshu's reputation and create trouble for the restaurant.

Will Toshu be proven innocent? Will Rahul be exposed? Will the food critics be informed about the sabotage?

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Toshu's reputation is such that everyone will believe that he did it to get back at Anupamaa

24 days ago

Rakhi ji did the right thing by exposing VanYa's EMA (Vannu and Kavya). Kinjal who should have been grateful to Rakhi ji defends the shameless Shah family who glorifies EMA in the name of "Sanskaar". I just loved Rakhi ji's dialogue that "Agar Sanskaar hone ka matlab EMA hain, Hame nahin judna hain aise sanskaari logon se rishta". Not just Rakhi ji, any mother will not get her daughter married to a family where a husband has cheated his wife. Every mother dreams of getting her daughter married to some 1 who is like a dog (Faithful and loyal to her daughter) and also who has a good job but not a snake (Who cheats his daughter). Kinjal should have opened the eyes and seen the truth when VanYa's EMA was exposed by Rakhi ji. Rakhi ji was spot on when she said that Toshu will cheat Kinjal and Rakhi ji was proved right when Toshu's infidelity came to light thanks to her strong sources. Kinjal should have obeyed her mother Rakhi ji and flied to the US and she could have kick started her employment career in the US. Rakhi ji has raised Kinjal to a hard working, well mannered, humble and independent (Not depending on others for money) girl. Kinjal was much better than Anupama's biological kids in terms of her career and job etc. This is why Rakhi ji is the best mother for me in Anupama serial. I just love Rakhi ji's character as a good and caring mother for Kinjal even though I started watching the show much later. Rakhi ji is the most sensible, logical, practical and sane woman for me in Anupama. Irony that working woman like Rakhi ji have been demonized and people who like to play victim card like Anupama are glorified in this show.

24 days ago

Rahul has a grudge on Doshu and so he will frame him. What reputation does Doshu have that will get tarnished? In all this mess Anupama will be most effected. She will suffer the most.

24 days ago

Toshu does not have a reputation. Not surprising that Rahul accuses Toshu for Anupama's cockroach biryani.

24 days ago

Doshu ki aisi kaunsi reputation hai jo tarnish hogi. He is literally a thief and a criminal. Got his mother sent to jail. Being accused of putting a cockroach is no big deal

24 days ago

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