Anupamaa: Gulati re-enters Anupama's life as the caterer for the wedding

Anupamaa written update, 11 June 2024: Gulati unexpectedly appears, surprising Anuj and Anupama, and Leela explains she hired him because he is a well-known caterer.

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Anupamaa: Gulati re-enters Anupama's life as the caterer for the wedding
Gulati from Anupamaa. Image Courtesy: Star Plus

In tonight's Anupamaa episode, Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) notices Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) crying and inquires about the reason behind her tears. Anupama responds by saying she was just talking to herself. Anuj is curious about this new habit of hers, so Anupama reassures him. Anuj then mentions that Aadhya seems happier and different lately and expresses his hope that Aadhya has moved past her childhood trauma. He also asks Anupama about Pari and shares that Aadhya was upset after hearing about Pari's situation.

Meanwhile, Vanraj asks someone to investigate a woman, and Devika requests information about a specific number. Later, the Shah women decide to guess the dishes prepared by the men. Kavya and Kinjal commend Titu for cooking without any complaints. Devika suggests the Shahs play a food-guessing game. Anupama correctly identifies the food made by Anuj, which delights him. Gulati makes an unexpected appearance, surprising the Shahs. Anupama and Anuj are taken aback. Leela explains that Gulati is a well-known caterer, which is why she hired him. Gulati is surprised to see Anupama and sarcastically remarks about their past. He meets Toshu and Anuj and reveals to Hasmuk that he owns a restaurant in the USA, although it's not famous, and that Anupama had previously declined his job offer.

Leela expresses regret:

Toshu tells Vanraj that Gulati's ego was bruised when Anupama rejected his offer. Gulati questions Leela about not hiring Anupama, and Leela explains that Anupama is their guest. Anuj warns Leela to steer clear of Gulati. Vanraj suggests that Anuj's issue with Gulati is caused by the latter's comments towards Anupama, which lead to a confrontation between Anuj and Vanraj. Anupama intervenes, asking them not to argue, and requests Hasmuk to decide about Gulati. Kinjal inquires if Toshu knows anything about Gulati, and Toshu describes Gulati as a shrewd businessman, which shocks Kinjal. Toshu decides to work at Gulati's new branch, to which Kinjal responds with little surprise. Hasmuk asks Leela about the food, and she praises it. 

Leela expresses regret for her past treatment of Anupama and decides to make amends by giving Dimple a chance. Hasmuk appreciates Leela's changed attitude. Anupama reminisces about the past and becomes emotional. Aadhya calls Vanraj insolent and demands that Anuj return to the US, which shocks Anuj. Anupama encourages herself, and Anuj convinces Aadhya to stay until the wedding is over.

Precap for the next episode:

In the precap, Devika confronts Anupama about Anuj, and Anuj and Anupama confess their love for each other.

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Comments (3)

I hope during this catering track Gulhati somewhere confesses adding cockroaches n He is slapped by Anupama n kicked by Anuj . 😂🤣😂🤣..cause am sure he is the culprit behind the roach kaand

11 days ago

How ridiculous is this whole track. Khair, ab aa hi gaya hai toh Anupamaa ki beizzati karke hi jaana Gulaati.

11 days ago

Ok, I can write an enemies to lovers story here. Gulaati tries to keep messing with Anupamaa, but the great lead keeps fighting back and then Gulaati comes to his senses and starts falling for her🤗
Come on writers, make this happen🫡

11 days ago

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