Anupamaa: Devika urges Anupama to fly again

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Anupamaa, Devika presents a work permit and tickets to America, offering Anupama a chance to fly again.

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Tonight's Anupamaa episode commences with a boy walking, holding a "Thu thu thu" store bag, and knocking at the door, calling Joshi behen (Anupama). She opens the door, takes the vegetable bag, hands him another bag and money, and gives him sweets. The boy mentions Kanti Bhai's birthday in the old age home, asking for extra sweets. She agrees with a thumbs up, and the boy thinks she's an Annapurna avatar.

Vanraj (Sudhanshu Pandey), in a renovated Shah house, walks and talks on the phone, mentioning his busy schedule. Baa sings with Dimple's son (Ansh), observes Dimple making tea, and scolds her. Dimple, ignored like Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) once was, gives tea. Kavya arrives, and Dimple discusses Ansh's homework. Baa lets Vanraj decide who decides to go as usual to the parents meeting. Bapu ji notes the repeating pattern of mistreatment towards Dimple. Vanraj mentions a special pooja after the renovation of the house. Bapu ji asks if they can invite Anupama as well, but Baa and Vanraj decline.

Anupama, alone, gazes at her mother's garlanded photo, cleans it, and looks at her children's family photo. She records a video showcasing her cooking. 

Devika arrives, hugs Anupama, praises her online popularity, and questions her self-imposed isolation. Anupama reveals her divorce from Anuj and her reluctance to live alone. Devika presents a work permit and tickets to America, offering Anupama a chance to fly again. Anupama doesn't want to go, and Devika insists she follow her dreams. 

Vanraj gifts jewellery boxes to Baa, showcasing his luxurious lifestyle. Kavya discusses Ansh's behaviour with Dimple, who defends their love for him. Dimple recalls the past events and emphasizes their immense love for Ansh. She urges Kavya to contact her daughter who is currently in the hostel. Kavya defends her actions, stating that she is acting in the child's best interests. She prompts Dimple to consider her own life. Dimple, torn, expresses her reluctance, citing her fear of disappointing their father. Kavya questions if Dimple has forgotten about Tapish, subtly alluding to the consequences of not prioritizing one's life. Vanraj emphasizes his spending on gifts, and Ansh asks about the Play Store. 

Devika shares her conversation with Anupama with Bapu ji, expressing concern about Anupama's stagnant life. Anupama opens a window, contemplating her decision. 

Precap: Anupama expresses her understanding of staying away from relationships, boards a flight, and eventually lands in America.

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Comments (3)

Why devika? Inko har tym koi na koi chahiye
Khud nhi soch sakti thi

5 months ago

Khud se kuch ho kyun nahi pata isse? Har baar ye loudspeaker DeviLka, Anuj ya Kaanta ko hi kyun bolna padta hai?
Vaise sabka sawaal tha ki why this shameless lady respects disgusting sadakchaap leela instead of her own mother kaanta toh thu thu shahis ne kaanta ko hi Maar diya aur bhavesh ko gayab kar diya par dhongi dukhmukh abhi zinda hai. Thoo on you rajan and deepa. Real life vanraj leela ho tum dono

5 months ago

How can she fly without her jimmedaari ke matke? Shameless shahs ke bina iska kya vajood? Eventually toh vanar jhuli ke charnon mein hi girna hai, better skip the unnecessary amreeka track and skip to that

5 months ago

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