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Anupamaa: Dancers association blacklists Samar; Dimpy signs a contract with Malti Devi

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus’ show Anupamaa, Dimpy will sign a contract with Malti Devi.

Published: Monday,Jul 24, 2023 04:10 AM GMT-06:00
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Rupali Ganguly

In the episode of Anupamaa tonight, Leela approaches Vanraj and inquires if he had managed to sleep yet. Vanraj responded, admitting that he was unable to sleep due to his thoughts. Leela then asked if he shared the same concerns about Malti Devi's involvement in recent events, to which Vanraj affirmed. Expressing her worry, Leela mentioned that she feared Malti Devi wouldn't stop at just this incident and that Anuj would handle her, but she was concerned about the rest of the family.

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Vanraj acknowledged that they had suffered a significant loss in their business. Leela mentioned observing fear in Anupama today and expressed uncertainty about what might happen next. To lift her spirits, Anuj played a cheerful song and prepared tea for her, though comically, he accidentally tasted a bad batch. After a moment of laughter, they shared a tender moment, and Anuj suggested going to the Shah house the following day with CA and Pakhi, bringing jalebi and rabri to add sweetness to the situation. Reassuringly, he nodded that everything would be alright.

In the morning, Hasmukh, Leela, and Hasmukh praised Kavya for her morning pooja. However, the atmosphere turned tense when Samar revealed that he had been blacklisted by the dancer's association, causing him to worry about his financial situation. Toshu and Vanraj promised to help him get through this tough time. Kinjal suggested the idea of getting a license to reopen his dance academy, which was met with skepticism from Dimpy, who expressed concern about a potentially unsuccessful venture.

Later, Anuj arrived at the Shah house with Anupama, CA, and Pakhi, and they were greeted with silence. Anupama checked on Kavya's well-being, and the conversation turned to the recent events, with Leela expressing concern about Malti Devi's actions. Anupama was determined to seek Malti Devi's forgiveness and Vanraj voiced his frustration with Malti Devi's behavior. Gurumaa spoke to Dimpy, who seemed to have a hidden plan.

Anupama performed an aarti for Samar before he left for a job interview. The family wished him well and Hasmukh asked Anupama to perform a nazar for the whole family to protect them from Malti Devi's evil intentions. Anuj recited a poem highlighting the strength of a united family.

In the next scene, Samar was shocked to find Dimpy at Malti Devi's gurukul, suggesting a job opportunity. Samar refused to listen to her, not wanting to betray his mother. Meanwhile, Anupama prayed for Samar's success.

Precap:  Anuj and Anupama discuss the importance of family, while Dimpy will shock everyone by revealing that they have signed a contract with Malti Devi.

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