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Anupamaa: Barkha offers Maya to join hands against Anuj- Anu; Anupamaa's new beginning

Gear up for an exciting episode of Star Plus show ‘Anupamaa’.

Published: Wednesday,Apr 12, 2023 05:45 AM GMT-06:00
Updated: Wednesday,Apr 12, 2023 05:47 AM GMT-06:00
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Anupamaa and Anuj

Star Plus show ‘Anupamaa’ is getting quite interesting with each passing episode. The current track of the show revolves around Anupamaa getting back to her life post parting ways with Anuj. In the previous episode, Anupamaa gave up on the dance academy. She gave all the responsibilities of the academy to Samar and Dimpy and left with teary eyes.

In the upcoming episodes, Anupamaa walks out and wipes off her tears. Pakhi lashes out at Samar. Samar gives it back to her. Dimpy stops him. She informs him about her divorce getting finalized in the next hearing. Pakhi, Toshu and Kinjal leave. Anupamaa decides to stand up again and start afresh. She gets the poster of her new dance academy made. Anuj loved the posters earlier, so she keeps the same poster and thinks about whatever Anuj did for her. She gets overwhelmed and recalls memories with him.

Anuj gets distraught thinking about what Vanraj told him. Barkha calls Anuj to discuss work but Maya receives the call. She informs him about Vanraj meeting Anuj. Barkha taunts her for snatching Anuj from Anupamaa. Barkha asks Maya to join hands with her so that Anuj stays away with her and she can take over the Kapadiya empire. 

While returning home, Anu stumbles, Vanraj holds her. He gives her the saree that she got from Mumbai but she refuses to take it. Vanraj tells her about visiting Mumbai and meeting Anuj. He manipulates her saying that Anuj is happy with Maya. This leaves Anu shocked. Vanraj plans at being a good friend to Anu and do whatever he couldn’t in the past. He tells her to share her emotions with him but she declines. 

Furthermore, Kanta tells Anu to start a new dance academy at their house. Devika tries to convince Anuj that he still loves Anupamaa.

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