Anupamaa: Baa objects to Pakhi moving in, but Vanraj sees her as a watchdog for Dimple

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Anupamaa, Baa disapproves of Pakhi moving in, while Vanraj thinks Pakhi can keep a close eye on Dimple.

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In tonight's Anupamaa episode, Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) assures Choti it's okay if she doesn't want to eat. He reminds her about making a sorry card for Riya, emphasizing the need for it. Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) emphasizes the importance of apologizing when mistakes are made, prompting Choti to take a paper. Anupama suggests cheering up Riya to mend their friendship. Anuj insists, and Choti tears the paper angrily. Pakhi laughs, drawing everyone's attention.

Vanraj calls Dimple, offering to drop her off, but Baa informs him she's at a morning class. Vanraj insists on caring for Dimple, but Baa questions his intentions. Kavya accuses him of mistrusting Dimple, but Vanraj claims he's protecting her reputation. Dimple asks Tapish for dance event tickets. Vanraj overhears and invites her home, leaving Dimple worried about her father's reaction. 

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Pakhi presents her business proposal to Anuj, Anupama, and others, introducing her brand as "Preetify" with the tagline "Princess Under Makeover." Anuj requests her to focus on the presentation, prompting Pakhi to apologize, attributing it to his potential upset over Choti.

Post-presentation, Pakhi inquires about the proposal's reception. Anuj defers Anupama's opinion, and she bluntly dismisses it as "bakwas" (nonsense). Pakhi accuses Anupama of seeking revenge and labels Anuj as "Joru ka Ghulam" (submissive to his wife). Anupama sternly rebukes Pakhi for her disrespectful behaviour, warning her of possible eviction. 

Adhik suggests Pakhi rework her idea, but she insists her presentation is flawless. Anupama criticizes Pakhi's lack of originality, accusing her of plagiarizing concepts, designs, and the brand name from the internet. Anuj demands concrete figures, questioning the return on investment (ROI), leaving Pakhi contemplating whether Anupama's interference affected Anuj's decision. Pakhi argues about the viability of her proposal, citing the success of many saree shops. Romil advises against using derogatory terms, and Adhik concurs with Anupama's assessment. Pakhi argued, and Anuj issued a final warning, threatening to discard the project if Pakhi misbehaved again. Anupama advises Pakhi to seek assistance from Adhik or Romil, emphasizing their decision not to invest.

Seeking solace, Pakhi turns to Vanraj, expressing her grievances about Anupama's lack of care and appreciation. She describes feeling like an unwanted guest, highlighting conflicts with Malti Devi and the family's criticism of her inactivity. Pakhi complains about the financial support allocated for Romil's education but none for her project. Vanraj offers her financial assistance, acknowledging Anupama's distractions but assuring Pakhi of his support. Baa, however, distrusts Pakhi's intentions and opposes her staying with Dimple, while Vanraj suggests Pakhi could keep an eye on her. Baa expresses concern over potential conflicts. Pakhi leaves for Vanraj's house. Romil questions Anupama's choice not to intervene while she emphasizes that Pakhi must make her own decisions.

Precap: Pakhi spots Dimple at a dance event and plans something. She involves Vanraj, who confronts Dimple and later slaps Tapish. Anupama stands up for Dimple, condemning Pakhi's baseless accusations.

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Toxic Trashraj should’ve stayed in that rehab centre and never returned! Kanjar kahi ka!

2 months ago

Aisa ghatiya character koi bhi angle se Accha, Saaf Dil etc kaise ho sakta hai. Par AnupaMaid ne toh lifetime Aankh par patti bandh li hai. And vanRajan tamaShahi expects such a character to be seen as grey/parallel lead etc.

2 months ago

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