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Anupamaa: Baa asks Kavya to leave the Shah house, Vanraj takes a stand for Kavya

In the upcoming episodes of Star Plus' show Anupamaa, Vanraj will be seen taking a firm stand for Anupamaa.

Published: Saturday,Sep 02, 2023 07:18 AM GMT-06:00
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Madalsa Sharma and Sudhanshu Pandey

Anupamaa's explanation and Baa's anger: 

The episode of Anupamaa today starts with Anupama engaging in a heartfelt conversation with Baa, using a metaphor to explain that sometimes, in the heat of the moment, we cannot see things clearly, much like how one cannot see their reflection in boiling water. She advises Baa to wait, emphasizing that her anger may be clouding her judgment regarding Kavya's situation. Anupama encourages Baa to calm down before making any decisions, reminding her that it is her house and her right to decide.

However, Baa counters by asking Anupama if she stayed with her betrayer when she was deceived. Baa questions whether, when Toshu betrayed Kinjal, Anupama granted him the rights of a husband. Baa's anger towards Kavya is evident as she declares that the family has been deceived, and she vehemently refuses to accept Kavya's child. Baa expresses her hatred for both Kavya and the unborn baby, refusing even to look at the child. She rationalizes that while a new baby is often seen as a manifestation of God, this one carries the reflection of a sinner, absolving herself of any blame for her feelings.

Anupama responds by acknowledging Baa's right to harbor such strong negative emotions towards Kavya but urges her not to extend that resentment to the innocent baby. She emphasizes that the baby is not at fault for the situation and questions whether they want the child to be born with fear and hatred as its foundation. Anupama reminds Baa of the values they ought to instill in the child and pleads with her not to curse the baby.

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Anuj's plan to handle Adhik: 

Meanwhile, Pakhi confides in Adhik about her mother's ongoing involvement in the Shah household, and Adhik offers to help her. However, he expresses concern about Anuj discovering his assistance, suggesting that manipulating one's partner can be just as harmful as physical harm. Anuj plans to handle Adhik discreetly.

Kavya's admission of guilt and seeking punishment: 

Back in the Shah house, Anupama gives Kavya an opportunity to speak, and Kavya admits her wrongdoing, expressing remorse for her actions and revealing her love for Vanraj. This confession shocks everyone, and Babu ji questions the authenticity of her love.

Kavya acknowledges that her actions were wrong and reveals that she chose to keep the truth hidden to avoid hurting the family. She even seeks punishment for her mistakes, comparing herself to those who commit crimes and accept the consequences. Baa, however, remains unforgiving, instructing Anupama to leave with Kavya, declaring that the baby is not their responsibility.

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Anupamaa decides to take Kavya home, Vanraj takes a stand for Kavya: 

Anupama intervenes, attempting to prevent Kavya's expulsion, reminding Baa of Kavya's vulnerable state as a pregnant woman. She appeals to Baa's empathy as a woman, asking her to understand the difficult situation Kavya is in. Anupama urges compassion and argues that they should not punish the baby for its mother's actions.

Vanraj, standing in defense of Kavya, asserts that he forgives her, recognizing that women often forgive their husbands. He cites examples of women in the family forgiving their partners for various mistakes. Vanraj professes his love for Kavya and announces his intention to accept both her and the baby. Anupama smiles in approval.

PrecapAnupama confronts Adhik about his manipulative behavior, warning him about the consequences of interfering in her daughter's life. Pakhi expresses her frustration with Anupama's involvement and threatens to take drastic actions if her mother continues to meddle.

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