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Anupamaa: Anupamaa stumbles across a shocking revelation on seeing the birth certificate of Malti Devi’s son

In the upcoming episodes of Anupamaa, Anupamaa is going to come across a very shocking revelation about Malti Devi.

Published: Saturday,Sep 16, 2023 07:00 AM GMT-06:00
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Rupali Ganguly

The episode of Anupamaa starts with Gurumaa gently touching Anuj's cheeks and warmly exclaimed, "I've missed seeing you for so long. My eyes have longed for a glimpse of you. Where have you been?" Anuj was taken aback by her unexpected affection and asked her to retract her hand, which she promptly did. Just as Anupama arrived on the scene, Anuj remained silent about the encounter. Anupama suggested they head home, and Gurumaa inquired about whose home they were referring to. Anupama replied, "Our home," and invited Gurumaa to join them.

Meanwhile, Ankush urged Barkha not to fix her gaze on him and encouraged her to speak her mind. Barkha hesitated, stating that Ankush was well aware of what their son had done. Ankush predicted her response and asked her about her intentions, accusing her of always covering up Adhik's mistakes. Barkha staunchly defended Adhik, while Ankush commended Adhik for acknowledging Romil's mistake, unlike Barkha, who defended Adhik without question. Barkha insisted that her brother would never make a mistake and warned that if Romil repeated his actions, she would throw him out.

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Baa expressed her gratitude that Pakhi had returned home safely. Kinjal shared that she had prayed for Pakhi's safety, while Dimpy confessed that she had also offered her prayers, despite her flaws, acknowledging her roles as a daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, and a woman. Toshu questioned Pakhi's decision to forgive Romil, suggesting that both Adhik and Romil should have been in jail. Kinjal countered by saying that people could change through guilt and love, and Toshu argued that it was foolish to trust them. Kinjal stressed the importance of trust, even in strangers like doctors and pilots, while Toshu remained skeptical, citing Romil's betrayal. Kinjal reminded him of his own past mistakes and claimed that those who couldn't forgive others had no right to seek forgiveness.

Kavya sought forgiveness for her own mistakes and defended Romil, expressing her belief in his potential for improvement. Vanraj raised concerns about Romil's immaturity and Pakhi's decision to forgive him, while Babu ji argued that everything was fine now. However, Baa expressed doubt and compared Gurumaa's return to Maya's vengeful actions.

Adhik offered cold coffee to Pakhi, who thanked him. Barkha encouraged them to find happiness and suggested they go on a date. Adhik proposed a movie or dinner date, and Pakhi invited Barkha to join them, but Barkha declined. Adhik proposed including others, like Jiju and Choti, but Pakhi spotted Romil and invited him to the movies, despite warnings from Barkha and Adhik. Pakhi believed that Romil would change and improve, given his newfound family.

Kavya brought tea to Vanraj and discussed the complexities of love and forgiveness. She empathized with Pakhi's forgiveness and hoped that Vanraj might one day accept their child.

Anuj confided in Anupama about his discomfort with Malti Devi's presence, stating that they weren't her family. Anupama reminded him of Malti Devi's age and condition, suggesting they treat her as they would their own parents. Anuj expressed uncertainty about how to react and his discomfort when she was around. Anupama reassured him, folded her hands, and asked for a few days' patience, to which Anuj reluctantly agreed.

Later, Adhik and Pakhi arrived, and Pakhi inquired about Gurumaa's condition. Anupama informed them that the doctor had predicted her recovery. Pakhi then proposed throwing a birthday party for Anuj, to which he agreed. As they discussed the party, a commotion outside caught their attention. Gurumaa claimed innocence, and Malti Devi accidentally knocked something over. Everyone was surprised, and Anuj was uncomfortable with Malti Devi addressing him as "beta."


Anupama visits Malti Devi's house and requests her belongings. Babu ji discovers Baa unconscious, leading to a frantic outcry for help. Anupama stumbles upon a birth certificate and embarks on a shocking discovery regarding her son's identity.

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