Anupamaa: Anupama decides to hand over the dance academy to Dimple temporarily

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Anupamaa, Malti Devi apologizes and gives the academy keys to Dimple, who then returns the dance academy to Anupama.

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In tonight's episode of Anupamaa, Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) performs aarti and prays for strength for her family. She asks for blessings for Babu ji, Baa, Vanraj, Kavya, and Pakhi as they face challenges. Anupama also requests help for Toshu and Kinjal and hopes for a big heart for Pakhi. She prays for the well-being of other family members and asks for extra care for Anuj (Gaurav Khanna). Malti Devi arrives with an aarti plate, and Anupama allows her to join in, emphasizing that the puja plate remains only one.

Babu ji questions the high milk bill, and Baa explains it's due to two pregnant bahus and their son's illness. He stresses the need to manage expenses wisely. Kinjal offers to help, and Baa emotionally expresses her desire for the family to stay together, fearing their departure. Kinjal, however, insists they must move forward with their lives. Malti Devi asks if she can give chocolate to Choti, and Anupama agrees, highlighting that both the elderly and children can be mischievous. Anuj reassures Malti Devi, saying they can spoil Choti and Anupama will handle everything. Anupama gently scolds Choti and Anuj, and Choti wishes for her Dadi to drop her at school. Malti Devi offers to take her, but Anupama insists they will do it together. Anuj agrees with Malti Devi. 

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Dimple arrives, and Malti Devi realizes she needs to be better than Anupama. Dimple receives the keys to Anupama's dance academy from Malti Devi, who apologizes for her previous actions. Dimple shares that one of Samar's dreams is to return the dance academy to Anupama. She explains that due to their earlier misunderstandings and the academy getting sealed, they were distanced. Anupama assures Dimple that their bond has always remained strong, and they express their need for her. Anupama decides to entrust the dance academy to Dimple for now, and the two share an emotional hug.

Malti Devi, meanwhile, believes that Anupama took the limelight. Dimple plans to inform Baa, Babu Ji, and the students about Anupama's involvement in the academy. Malti Devi and Choti leave the scene. Anuj remarks that Choti is enjoying her time with Malti Devi, and Anupama acknowledges that Choti is receiving affection from her Dadi. However, Anupama begins to worry about the potential consequences of Choti's growing bond with Malti Devi.

At the dance academy, Dimple resumes teaching, but Tapish arrives and challenges her authority. The students prefer learning from Tapish, leading to tension between Dimple and Tapish. Dimple requests Tapish to wait for Anupama's arrival and instructs the students to practice the steps she has taught. When Anupama arrives, she is deeply moved by the sight. As Anupama enters, she witnesses Dimple gracefully dancing and nearly losing her balance. In a moment of support, Tapish reaches out to steady her. In response, Dimple loudly reprimands him, questioning his audacity in touching her.

Precap: Anupama informs Tapish that Dimple is expecting a child, emphasizing the need for additional care. Later, Malti Devi updates Anupama on Choti's visit to her friend's house. Anupama advises Malti Devi to seek their consent before sending Choti anywhere, but Malti Devi asserts that she doesn't require their permission.

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