Anupamaa: Anupama confronts Malti Devi, urging her not to undermine her motherly rights

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Anupamaa, Anupama confronts Malti Devi only to discover Pakhi's irrelevant shopping spree.

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In tonight's episode of Anupamaa, Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) apologises to the teacher for her tardiness and expresses her intention to participate with Choti. She admits she should have arrived earlier but mentions being caught up somewhere. The teacher reveals that Anu's Dadi informed her about Anupama's delay, citing that she was caught up in something. Anupama asserts that now that she's present, she will participate with her daughter. Meanwhile, Malti Devi (Apara Mehta) takes her place in the audience. 

Anuj instructs Ankush to show a file to Anupama, who responds that Anupama is occupied with Choti today. Anuj acknowledges this and expresses relief that everything is gradually falling into place. Ankush suggests that everything will be fine when Anuj refers to Malti Devi as "Maa." Anuj, however, explains that healing old wounds takes time, emphasising that their relationship is progressing slowly. He mentions Choti's happiness with Malti Devi, to which Ankush expresses pity for Anupama. Anuj clarifies that there's no typical mother-in-law or daughter-in-law drama between them, and he's grateful for their mutual understanding. 

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Anupama and Choti create a beautiful sketch of a mother and child, showcasing it to everyone. However, Malti Devi appears upset. Baa confides in Babu Ji about buying gold ornaments for Kavya's baby, but Babu Ji suggests a simpler option, like a bowl and spoon. He proposes going to the park or temple to lift their spirits, reminiscing about the days when they were busy with work and kids. Baa laments the changes since Samar left, emphasising the certainty of returning home despite meeting relatives. Babu Ji suggests going out for tea at the nukkad and drinking light banter with people.

Choti rejoices in their victory, and Anupama instructs her to video call and informs Anuj. Meanwhile, Anupama questions Malti Devi about not telling her about the competition. Malti Devi admits to forgetting and arriving at the school too late. Anupama emphasises that everything related to Choti is essential to her and asks Malti Devi not to interfere. She asserts her greater right to her daughter and urges Malti Devi to respect their relationship without trying to replace her. Anupama addresses the incident of Malti Devi participating in the competition, stating they could have enjoyed it together. Malti Devi counters, asking why Anupama is making an issue out of nothing. Anupama reveals her past mistake and requests Malti Devi not to come between her and her children. Malti Devi reflects on why her right to her son isn't acknowledged more, leading to a tense exchange. Malti Devi reminds Anupama not to play the victim card as she is not the only one to raise the child. Barka intervenes, questioning Malti Devi. Malti Devi admits being a bad mother and further blames Anupama's motherhood as she has been neglecting Pakhi's irrelevant shopping spree on Anuj's money.

Anupama visits Pakhi's home and discovers her extravagant shopping spree using Anuj's credit card. Anupama confronts Pakhi, criticising her unnecessary purchases and urging her to differentiate between needs and luxury. She highlights Pakhi's wasteful spending and encourages her to contribute to society instead. Pakhi defensively questions Anupama's authority, leading to a heated exchange.

Precap: Anupama wishes Anuj on Dhanteras and proposes doing something unique. Later, they appear on stage in costumes for a performance.

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