Anupamaa: Anuj overhears Malti Devi telling Baa and Bapu Ji to exit the house

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Anupamaa, Anuj catches Malti Devi asking Baa and Bapu Ji to leave the house.

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In tonight's Anupamaa episode, Baa informs Babu Ji about applying a spray on his feet, urging him to sit for a while. Distracted by a flurry of messages on her phone, she mentions receiving a call from Jamnagar and promptly answers it. Upon witnessing the video, Pakhi (Muskan Bamne) exclaims her prior suspicions were justified. Dimple (Nishi Saxena) expresses life's challenges without Samar, anticipating societal ridicule and feeling suffocated. Recalling hurtful taunts from Baa, Dimple says she can't even fight, considering Baa's health. Despite her students' intention to expose the video on social media as fake, Dimple believes it won't be believed. Tapish attempts to console her, but she shoves him down, berating him for tarnishing her reputation, life, and career. As Tapish turns to leave, he notices Anupama approaching, and their eyes meet. Tapish then walks away.

Pakhi rushes to Baa with the video, accusing Dimple. Romil defends Dimple, calling the video fake. The family gathers, and Pakhi's accusations escalate. On the other hand, Anupama empathizes with Dimple, recalling her own struggles. Dimple's distress grows as society questions her integrity. Anupama vows to fight for Dimple and receives a call from Jhanak. An anxious Baa worries about societal backlash, while Babu Ji supports Dimple. Jhanak offers moral support over a call. Anupama advises Dimple to stand up against societal judgment. Anupama shares her experience of facing society's judgment, urging Dimple to stand strong.

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An emotional Baa lights a diya, expressing concern for Dimple's future. Barkha criticizes Anupama's family, revealing past scandals. Malti Devi questions Anupama's values. Baa, overhearing their conversation, politely requests them to let her pray in peace. Malti Devi responds, suggesting that Baa should have stayed at her own house. Baa defends their presence, stating that Anuj invited them with respect. Barkha interjects, claiming Anuj felt compelled due to Anupama's frequent visits to the Shah's house. Acknowledging their mistake, Baa assures them they will leave in the morning after informing Anuj. Malti Devi, however, advises Baa to depart without informing Anuj. Anuj, overhearing their exchange, calls out to Malti Devi, who becomes visibly tense.

Dimple recounts to Anupama the distressing encounter with the harassers at the academy, noting that Titu had intervened when they started uttering offensive remarks. Anupama deduces that the morphed video was likely orchestrated by these individuals seeking revenge. Observing people watching the video on the street, Dimple identifies the culprits among the onlookers and informs Anupama. One of the harassers asks Dimple if she enjoyed the video.

Reacting swiftly, Anupama retrieves a belt from the nearby shop. The harasser taunts her, suggesting a fierce side emerging in her. Anupama confronts the goons, delivering a resounding beating that leaves one of them sprawled on the ground. When the other attempts to intervene, Anupama doesn't back down, asserting that succumbing to fear will only embolden the harassers. She urges Dimple and others not to be afraid, emphasizing the strength of women and the need to fight their own battles. Smiling confidently, Anupama showcases resilience as Dimpy joins in to fend off the attackers.

Precap: Anupama notices a brochure about America and wonders why her dream is resurfacing. Seeing a lady, she inquires about her whereabouts. The lady reveals she was in America. Anupama expresses her regret about not being able to go there twice. The lady consoles her, saying that she will eventually fulfil her dream of going to America whenever it's meant to happen.

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I know nothing with be the final outcome . He will just give MD another warning to be polite to guests .that’s it

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