Anupamaa: Anuj and Anupama celebrate Dhanteras through a skit

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Anupamaa, the lady, portraying Shri Ram, defeats Ravan (played by Anuj) in a play.

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In tonight's Anupamaa episode, Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) asserts that she is Pakhi's (Muskan Bamne) buddy's wife, and if it weren't for her connection with him, Pakhi wouldn't even know who he was. She adds that the same sentiment applies if it were Adhik or the influence of money. Pakhi, however, defends herself, stating she's not naive. Anupama points out Pakhi's extravagant spending habits, accusing her of jeopardising the household. Anupama contends that Pakhi, despite being educated, prefers idleness over work, acting like a child in her desire to buy everything.

Pakhi contends that if Dimple had engaged in shopping, Anupama would have likely discussed women's empowerment. Anupama questions Pakhi's focus on Dimple, stating that Dimple isn't using someone else's credit card for shopping and asserts that Dimple is fulfilling Pakhi's brother's aspirations. Pakhi defends her shopping as a coping mechanism for her pain. Anupama suggests alternative ways to alleviate pain, such as sitting in a temple, exercising, or helping others. She encourages Pakhi to find purpose and not use shopping as an excuse. Pakhi, in turn, criticises Anupama for not having any aim in life. Anupama emphasises the importance of facing and learning from pain, advising Pakhi to engage in online learning or contribute to charitable causes. In a decisive move, Anupama takes Pakhi's credit card, cuts it, and urges her to clear the mess in her life.

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Meanwhile, Choti shares her excitement about winning a trophy for painting with Anuj. Malti Devi, serving tea, highlights her willingness to contribute to household chores. Anupama enters, revealing Pakhi's excessive spending to Anuj and questioning his decision to give her a limitless credit card. Anupama stresses the need for everyone, including Pakhi, to work and become independent. She regrets not realising this earlier and conveys her desire for her children to be self-sufficient. Anuj apologises, acknowledging his mistake in providing the card to Pakhi without consulting Anupama. He assures her that it won't happen again and inquires why she didn't inform him about Choti's school competition. Anupama explains that she, too, learned about it late. Malti Devi adds that she found out when she arrived, as the teacher had forgotten to relay the information to Anupama.

Vanraj purchases a lantern and discusses it with Babu Ji. Anupama approaches Anuj, wishing him a happy Dhanteras. They share a light moment about Anupama's request for a silver coin and a cooker. Later, the family gathers to watch Anupama and Anuj's special play, emphasising the significance of Dhanteras. They commence the performance by elucidating the origin of the name Dhanteras and underscore its importance as the commencement of Diwali. Anupama, portraying Shri Ram, defeats Ravan (played by Anuj), and they subsequently reappear as Ram and Sita. Anupama reflects on the aspiration for just 0.01 of the values embodied by Ram and Sita, believing that even a fraction of these virtues would bring success to their lives.

Precap: Anupama discovers Baa taking sweets orders from neighbours and proceeds to deliver them. During the delivery, she clarifies her identity as both the Kapadia family bahu and Baa's daughter to a neighbour. Malti Devi joins the interaction, and Anupama requests payment for the sweets.

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