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Anupamaa: Ankush slaps Romil for briefcase chaos

In the upcoming Anupamaa episode, the hunt for a missing briefcase leads to accusations and a heated confrontation at the Kapadia residence.

Published: Monday,Sep 04, 2023 06:25 AM GMT-06:00
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Vanraj's confession and Kavya's dilemma: 

Tonight's Anupamaa episode begins with Vanraj (Sudhanshu Pandey) finally confessing his feelings to Kavya (Madalsa Sharma). He asks for some time to think about their situation. Kavya, torn between her emotions and the strained atmosphere at home, contemplates leaving the house. To which Vanraj says he doesn't know and continues further that he stopped her thinking about her condition at that time, but she will also have to bear the stress at the house. Kavya is caught in a dilemma about whether to contact Anupama for help. She seeks advice from Bapuji, who urges her to consider her actions and choices carefully.  Bapuji imparts his wisdom, emphasizing that while fate may not be in our control, our choices are. He leaves the decision in Kavya's hands. 

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Baa overhears their conversation and sternly instructs Kavya to stay in her room, indicating her disapproval of the situation. Kinjal (Nidhi Shah) tries to offer some comfort to Kavya during this emotionally charged moment.

The heist for the briefcase: 

Meanwhile, everyone embarks on a mission to locate a missing briefcase at the Kapadia residence. Romil (Viraj Kapoor) and Adhik (Adhik Mehta) started accusing each other, leading to a heated exchange. Accusations fly, and Pakhi (Muskan Bamne) enters the scene and informs that she will check Romil's room. Romil then takes up the charge to check Adhik's room. Pakhi enters the scene, ultimately declaring Romil as the thief. Romil vehemently denies any involvement and accuses Adhik and Barkha of framing him. Tensions escalate as Ankush (Rohit Bakshi) loses his cool and slaps Romil.

Accusations and arguments: 

The argument intensifies as Ankush defends his actions, emphasizing his frustration with Romil's behaviour. Romil continues to claim his innocence, alleging a conspiracy against him by Adhik and Barkha. Amidst this chaos, Anupama (Rupali Ganguly) steps in to mediate and defuse the situation. Barkha and Adhik express concern about the potential consequences of involving the police. Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) gives a stern warning to the family, setting the stage for the episode's conclusion.


In the precap of Anupamaa, Pakhi makes a serious accusation, blaming Anupama for causing a rift between her and Adhik. She issues a warning, suggesting that she might take extreme measures, which could potentially leave Anupama grappling with a heavy sense of responsibility and guilt.

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