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‘Anupamaa’ actress Muskan Bamne on a recent sequence: I was shocked to read the script

Muskan Bamne aka Pakhi of ‘Anupamaa’ talks about a high-octane drama scene in the show recently.

Published: Saturday,Jul 30, 2022 15:14 PM GMT-06:00
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Muskan Bamne

Star Plus show ‘Anupamaa’ is getting quite interesting with each passing episode. The current track of the show revolves around Anu being in a major fix by deciding to foster a child. The decision has not been taken in the positive stride by both Kapadiya and Shah families. Meanwhile, Adhik and Barkha are wanting to use Pakhi so that they can keep Anupamaa under their control. Pakhi has gotten manipulated and is quite against Anupamaa.

In the previous episodes, hell broke loose as Pakhi decided to express all that she has in her heart for Anupamaa in front of the entire family. Pakhi didn’t mince her words and lashed out royally at Anupamaa, discrediting all her sacrifices. She also told her that she has lost it after marrying a business tycoon like Anuj Kapadiya and making him ‘joru ka ghulaam’. She also stated that she wants benefits from both Shah and Kapadiya households and thus she keeps visiting Shah house. Anupamaa has been shattered to no means hearing all this from her own daughter Pakhi.

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India Forums got in touch with actress Muskan Bamne who plays the character of Pakhi in the show and asked her about her thoughts on the high octane drama sequence. She said, “I was shocked to read the script wherein Pakhi is going to go all out in expressing her anger for her own mother. Forget about misbehaving with mother, one should not be this rude to anyone. Having said that, it was exciting to perform such a performance- driven scene. It was amazing experiencing such emotions”.

Must say, Muskan did play her part with full conviction and did justice to the role.

Post your thoughts on her performance in the comment section below.

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suresh555 1 months ago Time to go off the air, its been toxic for months, with script writing being worse than crap. Rajan Shahi is a psycho who loves destroying every serial he makes.
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K p s Nair
K p s Nair 1 months ago The worst ever script written in Anupama. On one hand its a very Sankari family show on the other its full of flaws with infidelity and mug slinging. Now this worst character Pakhi.Hate her and Baa. Both r untolerable. If a mother in law like Baa exists and a ghatiya opportunist daughter like Pakhi ever exist in our society thn it will be the greatest shame kalank on society. Plz stop this nonsense Director sahib else ppl will stop seeing such hopeless serial just brcause of ur bad scripting..May Goodsense prevail upon u.
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Nutkhut-Baalak 1 months ago Pakhi’s character has a lot of potential to garner TRPs. As an expert on TRP and imagining ultra-masaaledar tracks, my ideas are :

1) it could be shown that Pakhi is preggers out of wedlock and is ousted by Vanraj. So as revenge she makes a secretly recorded video of Vanraj-Kavya’s intimate moments viral. ThEy can take inspiration from Preeti Zinta’s film “Kya Kehhna”
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silvermoonlight 1 months ago I feel for the actress as there is so much abuse flung at her character. The show is COMPLETE shit. Good that Paras quit. Sick of both Anupama & RG. It feels like the fame has gotten to her head as all her scenes she is overacting & trying to steal the scene away from other actors. Nothing against Rupali but sometimes when you play a character long enough, some of it seeps into you
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iheartu 1 months ago She did well as an actor, but God was the episode a horrible episode! It was mentally exhausting to watch some good for nothing, grown up jerks ganging up on their mother. Don't know what the makers intended to show with these type of tracks?
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Red_eyes94 1 months ago Such toxic show I keep me self away
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nutmeg7 1 months ago I really like how Ashish and Muskaan always trash their characters and say never behave like how they do. Respect for such actors. They condemn their own characters instead of justifying it.
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SoniRSippu21 1 months ago Damn poor Anupamma, Pakhi ne bahut bola. All r so toxic in the show
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