Anupamaa: Aadhya catches Anuj blushing while reminiscing about Anupama

Anupamaa written update, 16 April 2024: Aadhya urges Anuj to redirect his focus away from Anupama and towards Shruti, but Anuj rebukes her for her attitude.

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Anupamaa: Aadhya catches Anuj blushing while reminiscing about Anupama
Anuj and Aadhya from the show Anupamaa. Image Courtesy: Star Plus

In tonight's Anupamaa episode, Anuj (Gaurav Khanna) and Anupama (Rupali Ganguly), after reaching the location, politely request the hotel manager to share Aarush's room number, but the manager respectfully declines, citing hotel policy. Feeling desperate as a mother, Anupama becomes frustrated with the manager's refusal. Anupama intervenes when Aarush harasses Pakhi, promptly giving him a reprimanding slap. Pakhi, seeking justice, urges Anupama not to let Aarush off lightly. Anupama, frustrated by Pakhi's defiance towards Vanraj, Paritosh, and Leela, delivers a disciplinary slap. Aarush attempts to flee, but Anuj steps in, resulting in a scuffle where Aarush manages to escape after injuring Anuj. Anupama anxiously checks on Anuj's well-being while Anuj assures both Anupama and Pakhi of his safety.

Anupama attends to Anuj's wound while Adhya and Shruti observe their interactions. She initially tries to use her saree for first aid, but Anuj offers his handkerchief instead. Despite Anupama's suggestion of seeking medical attention, Anuj declines. When they move out, they notice Aadya and Shruti nearby.

Pakhi gets warned:

Back at home, Vanraj expresses frustration towards Pakhi, and Leela reprimands her for dishonesty. Pakhi attempts to justify herself by revealing her distressing experience, but Anupama disapproves of her attitude. Pakhi, feeling overwhelmed by her responsibilities, argues that her struggles as a single mother and businesswoman are immense.

Anupama urges Pakhi to reflect on her behaviour, emphasizing the need for change and dismissing her as a businesswoman. Vanraj accuses Pakhi of being unable to see others' happiness and warns her of potential consequences. Anupama and Vanaraj, reaching a breaking point, decide to sever ties with Pakhi if she continues to do so. Vanraj, upset by Pakhi's misbehaviour, issues a stern warning to Pakhi and orders her to accompany them to India.

Aadhya urges Anuj to redirect his focus towards Shruti:

Anuj explains to Shruti and Aadhya the context behind his support for Anupama, highlighting Pakhi's harassment as the reason for his actions. However, Shruti advises Anuj against offering explanations, suggesting they maintain respect instead. Aadhya distances herself from Anuj, while Shruti encourages him to seek medical attention. Anupama is deeply touched by Anuj's presence and is overwhelmed with emotion, prompting Leela to offer her comfort and reassurance, assuring Anupama of their imminent return to India and expressing a desire to celebrate Rama Navami together. Anupama finds solace in Leela's embrace, allowing herself to release her pent-up emotions.

Anuj reminisces about Anupama tending his wound, prompting him to smile. Aadhya urges Anuj to redirect his focus away from Anupama and towards Shruti, but Anuj rebukes her for her attitude. Shruti intervenes in Anuj and Aadhya's interaction and asks them to attend the Ram Nami's pooja. Shruti assures herself that everything will fall right after marriage. Later, the Shah family gathers to offer prayers to Lord Ram while Anupama warmly welcomes Biji and Yashdeep. Biji learns of the Shahs' impending return to India. In a poignant moment, Anupama notices Anuj's reflection in the idol of Lord Ram, symbolizing his unwavering support and presence in her life.

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Anuj should be institutionalised. There's no cure for his madness and obsession

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