Anupamaa: Aadhya asks Shruti to stay away from Joshiben

In the upcoming episode of Star Plus' show Anupamaa, Aadhya apologizes to Anuj and Shruti for her behaviour the previous day and asks Shruti to stay away from Joshiben, expressing a bad feeling about her presence.

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In tonight's Anupamaa episode, Yashpal earnestly requests his mother to join him. Reassuringly, his mother promises to come and advises him to be patient. Anupama (Rupali Ganguly), pledging not to make any mistakes, assures Yashpal that she won't give him any reason to complain. They depart, leaving Vikram elated, his colleagues sharing in the joy. Anupama returns Vikram's money and phone. Observing the bittersweet nature of relationships, Vikram remarks that though some are lost, others are gained. Anupama vows to work doubly hard and avoid giving Sir any cause for complaint.

Vanraj proudly presents a tower brochure to Baa, revealing his company's involvement in its construction. He describes the amenities, including play areas, a cricket pitch, and facilities for older people. Vanraj suggests moving there, citing their improved financial situation. However, Baa staunchly refuses to leave their current home, rejecting Vanraj's proposal.

Anupama tends to a Tulsi plant, expressing gratitude for Vikram's gesture. She prays for everyone's well-being, feeling a connection with Aadhya. Aadhya apologizes to Anuj and Shruti for her behaviour the previous day, citing a disconnect between her mind and heart. She warns Shruti to stay away from Joshiben, expressing a bad feeling about her presence. Anupama lights a diya, praying for the family. Aadhya shares her concerns about Joshiben with Anuj and Shruti, expressing worry for her father. Anuj is troubled by Aadhya's words, while Anupama calls Shruti to check on her.

Vanraj attempts to convince Baa to move to the new tower, reminiscing about their shared history in the current house. He expresses concern for Ansh's future and the maintenance of the property. Shruti, visibly stressed, meets Anupama at the restaurant. 

Shruti shares that Aadhya connected her with her fiancé, suggesting that Aadhya might cause issues. Despite her love for AK, Shruti worries about potential misunderstandings. Overwhelmed, she confides in Anupama, who comforts her with water. Vikram, noticing their talk, distracts Yashpal. Shruti fears misunderstandings in her relationship with AK. While serving tea, Anupama reflects on the delicate nature of relationships, emphasizing that even strong love can be strained by misunderstandings, leading to breakups.

Precap: Anupama is in a car with Vikram when Anuj, running behind, meets with an accident. He calls out Anupama's name before the mishap. Anupama senses something wrong and exclaims, "Anuj."

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stay strong sukirti! dont let those hashtag mann fans get to you!

4 months ago

Sane advice is never heeded in this show. Shruti and Anuj will drag AnupaMaid into their lives and she'll end up ruining everything as per her nature. AnupaMaid should also focus on job instead of getting distracted but she is not capable of being dedicated

4 months ago

Yes plz
She is becoming another ma bhakt

4 months ago

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