Anukalp dies, but high drama still waits in Ram Milayi Jodi!

The character's death is just the beginning of a twisted tale...

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Angad Hasija and Sara KhanZee TV's Preet Se Bandhi Ye Dori Ram Milaayi Jodi saw a high twist in last week's episode when Anukalp breathes his last. This leaves Mona in grief and a state of shock. But it now seems that another twist still awaits the audience.

A source informs, "As soon as Mona (Sara Khan) will get to know about Anukalp (Sujay Reu), she does not believe it. She is in a state of shock and eventually goes into coma."

And that is just the beginning of the twist. Sources suggest that Aditya (Angad Hasija) would marry Mona in that state of unconsciousness.

We contacted Angad Hasija who says, "Even I have heard about Aditya and Mona's marriage but how it will take place I have no idea."

Well that means the Bidaai Jodi would be back in Ram Milayi Jodi.

Reporter:Tejashree Bhopatkar
Author:Sharat Kumar

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Comments (59)

ya waiting for Adina's(sangad) chemistry...

12 years ago

i am so happy...
i love Aditya and Mona.
i am the regular viewer of RMJ

12 years ago

Freaking awesome is right. Best news ever for the most loyal Sadhna-Alekh fan! Looking forward to the story ahead :)

12 years ago

RMJ is just out of track...but lets see what the storyline has for us further...

12 years ago

All we can only say best of luck for sangad jodi...wish with sangad couple story will also be good

12 years ago

I'm glad there are other people on this forum with brains who think the CV's have made the biggest mistake by killing off Anukalp's character! It's utter nonsense & it was done just for the fans of Bidaai! Maybe the CV's are working for the wrong serial & need to work for Bidaai! And have all the Sangad fans not realised how much Mona loved Anukalp from the way she has been acting since he died??!!! I seriously don't know what the writers are thinking! They need to seriously read the comments on this web-site so they can realise how big a mistake they have made.

12 years ago

all are balming cv's but think once if they are doing for trp's ..means people likng it...just put your money and then say's are right or wrong...

12 years ago

hope with sangad jodi storyline of RMJ will be changed and trp's will rise

12 years ago

PLEASE change the title of this show to "Crappy CVs Banaye Jodi"

12 years ago

I am just a little confused as the storyline is contradicting the title "RMJ". Does it not imply a marriage destined by god so how does god proposea forced remarriage I wonder!!!!! Anyway stopped watching this twisted tale long ago

12 years ago

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