Anuj's fourth shot at judging Emmy Awards!

Anuj Saxena is a juror in the 37th International Emmy Awards for the fourth consecutive year

Anuj Saxena is the juror in 37th International Emmy awards 2009 for the fourth consecutive year for the actor for the best performance category.

More than 600 television professionals are selected by the Academy's Emmy Committee each year to serve as Jurors for the International Emmy Awards. Jury panels represent current trends in world television programming as well as a wide range of industry professionals from diverse backgrounds and nationalities. The jury panel consists of actors, producers, directors, performers, and executives from around the world to honor the best in international television.

On being the jury member for the fourth time on Emmys Anuj Saxena says, "It's a great honour to be a juror for the fourth time on Emmys. It provides a good platform to showcase the best of the entertainment industry"

The International Emmy Awards gala will be held tonight in New York at the Hilton New York Hotel.

Anuj Saxena is one of our country's multi-faceted personalities as an actor (film Chase), producer (CEO of Maverick Productions), restaurateur (Blue Waters) and industrialist (M.D. Elder Heath Care Ltd).

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