Another hurdle for Chakor on Colors' Udann!

The upcoming episode of Udann, will be quite interesting as Chakor who will go through another test on the show...

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Gorudev Bhalla's Udann on Colors, is climbing the ladder of success because of its unique concept and with the impeccable acting of the little kid Chakor aka Sparsh Chaturvedi.

As per the ongoing track, Kamal Naryan's (Sai Ballal) son Suraj is creating lots of problem for Chakor as he dislikes Chakor studying in his school. Thus to trouble her he turns off the main switch of Haveli so that Chakor fails to complete her homework and so.

Let's see what's more difficulties are waiting for Chakor (Spandan Chaturvedi) to fulfill her dreams.

Our source informs us, "Chakor will submit her home work after lots of hurdles but soon there will be a new obstacle as the as hygiene inspection will take place in the school. As per the rules, Chakor will be informed that she cannot come to school with her hair open, she will have to tie the hair in proper braids. She will be in a mess as she has no clue about how to tie braids. Other than that, her entire class children will be united to bully her. She will also try to seek help from the people from Haveli but all her efforts will be in vain."

"Later, Chakor will go to meet Dadi (Suhasini Mulay) as she is the person who always comes up with a  solution. As soon as Chakor will come to Dadi she will see that the nurse is about to remove the mask which is mandatory for Dadi's survival. Thus, Chakor will stop the nurse from doing so and Dadi will be saved. Chakor will narrate everything about the happenings that took place in entire day with her."

How will Chakor tackle with this situation?

To know more keep reading this space!

Neha Jain

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