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Ankur Nayyar to enter Left Right Left

Its now confirmed that Ankur Nayyar will be entering Left right Left to provide an action element to the serial...

Published: Tuesday,Sep 25, 2007 19:33 PM GMT-06:00
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There were speculations about the entry of Raahil Azim into the show Left Right Left, over the last week. But now, things are clearer and it is confirmed that Ankur Nayyar will soon be entering the serial. With the comeback of Rajesh Khera into the serial, and Ankur Nayyar being roped in to give an action element to the serial, things look brighter for Left Right Left now.

It is heard that Ankur Nayyar’s role is slated to start off at the very detention centre, where the cadets are facing disciplinary action and are being tortured by Rajesh Khera. Ankur will play the role of an Army Officer, who is on a mission, and is appointed on behalf of the Government. On asking Ankur whether his role is positive or not, he said, “No, my character is positive and I am more as an undercover army agent”.

This is a very challenging role for Ankur as well. He comes in with a complete new makeover from his earlier roles. Ankur had previously played roles with a romantic angle, but this would be for the first time that he’ll be doing a role that is action-packed. How does he feel about it? “I am too excited. I am really feeling very good because I have always wanted to do these manly kind of roles, like army, air force and all this kind of thing.” What about working with DJ’s? “I have always appreciated their concepts right from the beginning. Their presentation is something I have always liked. So when they came up with the offer, I was more than eager to do this show.”

Now that he has started shooting, he will be shown making his entry into the serial very soon. So folks, get ready to see Ankur Nayyar blazing with full energy in his new action packed role in Left Right Left.

Reporter: Barnali
Author: Barnali

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MasoomaBukhari 13 years ago Ankur acts very well. I like him. Hope he joins sooo many serials.
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iluvDharmesh 13 years ago ankur is my cousin!! im proud of him!! :)
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chink88 14 years ago bring raj back dont care abt anythng else
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blyton 14 years ago Wow! I have had a crush on this guy since I saw him in Kohinoor. He is a fine actor and especially suited to action roles. I never watched LRL regularly but will definitely check it out now just for Ankur. It's great that he is finally working with DJs. There was a rumour 2 years ago that he would enter JJKN but sadly, that never happened. Better late than never.
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surakshita 14 years ago Ankur is a good actor. Looking forward to seeing him in LRL soon
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adoremevirgo 14 years ago I was hoping to see Rahil Azam....but well.....i like ankur nayar too and looking forward to seeing him in LRL soon
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shareen 14 years ago Ankur is a good actor but i dont think i'll start watching lrl again.
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ammmu 14 years ago I like Ankur.. he is a good actor and quite good-looking, too... thanks for the article Barnalidi!
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Sanjana4Rajeev 14 years ago Thanks for the article...and great pictures..i love him..and i am a great big fan of him..can't wait to see him in LRL..All the best to Ankur...from vishaka
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sidivyapall 14 years ago i have stopped watchin lrl for the obvious reason... but letz see how the response will be IF ankur enters... and i thought that chavi mittal ws suppoesed to enter as well..?? i hope ankur enters FOR REAL... if the response is good then i might consider watching LRL once again... well all the best to ankur!!! thanx for the lovely article!!!
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