Ankita Gupta, Gautam Vig and Neha Rana's show Junooniyatt to end on this date

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In recent times, Colors' Junooniyatt has been making headlines for its impending closure. After much speculation, it has now been officially confirmed that Junooniyatt will air its final episode. Reports indicate that the show is set to conclude on November 3rd.

Ankit Gupta, who gained prominence during Bigg Boss 16, returned to the realm of fiction with Junooniyatt. However, the show is coming to an end just nine months after its inception. Junooniyatt struggled to secure viewership numbers for the channel from the outset. Despite its plot twists and dramatic turns, the show faced stiff competition from other programs.

The current storyline is centred around Jordan's determination to ruin Elahi's life, which leaves Jahaan concerned for her safety. Elahi becomes trapped in a fire, and Jahaan rushes to her rescue. He insists that Elahi shouldn't be alone, leading to a heated exchange between them. In a surprising turn of events, Jahaan takes Elahi to a temple and applies sindoor (vermilion) to her forehead, symbolizing their marriage.

In the midst of these developments, Jordan is seen discussing plans for revenge over the phone. Jahaan, on the other hand, stumbles upon information about Elahi's attacker, with Jordan realizing that it's Seerat.

Stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming storyline of the show.

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Comments (5)

Thank goodness. This serial became a joke when Jordan and his mother always got away with bad things and Elani married him.

4 months ago

Thank God😍…………….good to know

4 months ago

thank god, ankit is free now

4 months ago

Good news , we get freedom from bad story .

4 months ago

Finally! Good riddance! 😌

4 months ago

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