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'Anjali is perfect for me' - Kapil Nirmal

Jodi No. 5, Kapil-Anjali is known to be one of the cutest couples in the show... We talked to Kapil about his Baliye, and much more..

Published: Monday,Oct 27, 2008 08:33 AM GMT-06:00
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One of the hot and happening Jodis in Star Plus' Nach Baliye 4 happen to be the Raja Ki Aayegi Baaraat duo, Kapil Nirmal and Anjali Abrol. If there has been a couple who has been under the scanner ever since their name has been announced, it has to be them!! Tongues are wagging that they are not together and have just posed to be a couple to be part of the very popular Nach Baliye.

In a bid to clear the air, Telly Buzz spoke to Kapil Nirmal on this, his relation with Anjali and much more

There are rumors that you are not a couple?
Anjali is perfect for me - Kapil Nirmal

No we are very much in love.  I don't want to comment on why people spread such false hoods.

So how did this relationship bloom? Was it love at first sight for you both?
Well, it was not love at first sight. We got to know each other when we started to work in Raja Ki Aayegi Baaraat. We slowly became good friends and got to know more about each other. Only after a time frame, we realized that there is more to this relationship than just friendship. 

Can you talk a bit more about your relationship?
We are not comfortable making our private equations public. Our job is to provide the audience with the best entertainment possible, and that's what we would try our best to do.

Coming to Nach Baliye, who is a better dancer between the two of you?
No doubt, Anjali is the better dancer. I am trying my level best to better myself when it comes to dancing. We both work hard to get into sync on the dance floor. In the weeks to come, I hope I can raise my bar to live up to her ability as dancer.

How many hours a day you guys rehearse?
At least for 3 hours...

Your take on Nach Baliye as a show?
It's a very good show. Nach Baliye includes couples in love which makes the chemistry look much better. The main plus point is that there is no drama like the ones we see in other reality shows.  Personally, I like to stay away from such games. Do your job well and go home is my mantra. I don' like to poke my nose in other peoples' affairs.

Working for long hours together, does it sometime lead to tension amongst you both?
What is life without a bit of spice? Sometimes, you have to compromise to keep the relationship going, but we try to avoid bringing our personal issues to the fore during rehearsals and also during our shoot for the daily soap.

Are you not afraid of making a fool of yourself in public if things go wrong?
No we are working hard to prevent that, but if it does happen, 'Jo hoga dekha jayega'.

Don't you feel a bit insecure, given that the TV industry involves working for long hours and being part of some close scenes with your on screen partner?
I am a very traditional guy, hence we would try to work only with each other as far as possible.

What do you like the best in Anjali?
The fact that she is a very simple and sweet girl.

Any thing you would want to change in her?
Hmm let me see what I would want to change (laughs). On a serious note, nothing, she is perfect for me yaar.

What about marriage?
If we could help it, we would have got married today itself. Why wait unnecessarily right? Jokes apart, we have not decided on that yet. We want to concentrate on our careers as of now. 

What is the best gift you have given Anjali?
I love to feed her Rasgullas.

Being a traditional guy, what do you think of live-in relationships that prevail a lot in today's era?
I am very old fashioned in my thoughts; I still live 100 years back. I don't bother what other people do, but for me the old values and traditions still hold a strong meaning. Following Indian ethics like respecting elders comes quite high in life for me.

We have heard that you are very helpful by nature. Is it true?
Well, I believe that if you are helpful and concerned about others, you will also get treated the same way by others. Whatever you sow, you reap!!

What do you have to say about the tough competition faced by Raja Ki from COLORS' very popular show Balika Vadhu pitted at the same time slot as yours?
Balika Vadhu is a fantastic show and it surely deserves all the success. 

Coming back to Nach, among the judges, whose views you await the most with bated breath?
Both Karisma and Arjun have been part of the industry for long, so they know what to look for in a dancer. But I still await Farah's comments, for being a choreographer she knows where we have gone wrong and can point out the areas where improvement is needed.  

How do you see your fortunes in Nach Baliye 4?
I am quite confident that we will reach a decent place, and might even win the crown.

If you win, where would you take Anjali?
Where ever she wishes to go.


Reporter and Author: Anil Merani, Srividya Rajesh

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Roshni @Roshni. 14 years ago I miss them so much now! I wish they had won!
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prarthana_96 @prarthana_96 14 years ago kapil and anjali i love u'll from the bottom of my heart and to the fullest extent especially u, kapil.i want to tell u that even my forefathers are from rajasthan.i really love u both and want to meet u'll.can u plz give me your e-mail id or else plz infom me whenever u would like to chat with all your fans.i am only 12 now and want to say''bachche bhagwaan ka roop hote hai'' so never depress them.
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maheen hanif @maheen55 15 years ago thanks and all the best to kapil anjali
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farhana @Rakhie_08 15 years ago Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
But yeh dil mange more.....please, please more interviews. How about one with just Anjali and another with them both together?? Oh pretty please, with chocolate sprinkles on top!
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desichica @desichica 15 years ago awww.....this is such a cute couple...really never wud have thought these two would be a couple in real life...but they are just too cute for words!!!!
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zaveria @colling 15 years ago aww i wish i wud have a boyfriend like him..god bless their couple.
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bastu @naramro 15 years ago i really love them they look so sweet 2geather
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SamLuvsSaRun @SamLuvsSaRun 15 years ago Thnks..I luv them..the cutest n sweetest pair....
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sarah @djdoll2004 15 years ago khaleda if you dont have anything posiitive to say then plz dont say it as its hurting the sentiment ofthe peopel who like them i think they are an amzing couple and i ove the simplcity that the both showcase
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khaleda aktar m
khaleda aktar @khaleda aktar m 15 years ago i like him but i hate dat anjali!!i really hate her i really dnt like her acting...she acts too much...i hate her!!!
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