Anirudh Dave bags a new show on 9X..

After Rajkumar Arryan, Anirudh Dave has bagged another fantasy based show on 9X...

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After creating waves in Imagine’s Rajkumar Arryan, Anirudh Dave has bagged another fantasy based show on 9X. The actor will be soon seen in the show, Angad in a negative role.

As per our sources, “Anirudh will be opposite Angad (Saurabh Pandey) and will play a negative shade called Simha.”

There is another twist in the tale of Angad. “Well Simha is opposite Angad because of Kalpika (Sriti Jha). It’s going to be a love triangle between them which will provoke Simha to stand against Angad,” adds the source.

There are two zones in the story, one is of Angad and another is of Simha. “Kalpika belongs to Simha’s zone and he loves her. The time of revolts start when Simha comes to know about the relation between Kalpika and Angad,” quips our khabroo.

Angad is going to be on a prime time slot and will go on air in October.

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15 years ago

waiting eagerly for Anirudh's new show. Anirudh always looks good and hot in every role he plays.. message from shrutu(shruti_gauri1).

15 years ago

@Aradha:The name of the show is Angad.

Waiting to see Saurabh & Sriti Jha again!!

15 years ago

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