Aniruddh Dave: Daily soap is the most significant learning experiences for an actor

They say that there is no better learning experience than the one that is done on the job, and actor Aniruddh Dave.

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Aniruddh Dave

They say that there is no better learning experience than the one that is done on the job, and actor Aniruddh Dave agrees with this. He adds that where showbiz is concerned, a daily soap is the best place to learn acting.

“Doing a daily soap is one of the most significant learning experiences for an actor because it requires consistent honing of skills and craft. I believe that there are few other endeavours that can provide as much ongoing improvement for an actor. Many may argue that performing in hundreds of episodes for an extended period can become monotonous or lead to boredom. However, the key lies in understanding how to bring variety and different nuances to one's craft with each enactment. This is a remarkable practice and is immensely important for an actor. It involves the challenge of consistently delivering fresh entertainment to the audience, making it a substantial task and a valuable learning experience,” he says.

Daily soaps consume a lot of time and with shows airing 6-7 days a week, shoots are very hectic. But so are other professions, he says. “All professions can be hectic. In the corporate world, there's hardly any breathing space, even when working from home. People put in a lot of hard work, dedicating a significant amount of time. It's a choice we make, and we can't complain about its demands when we've chosen it willingly,” he says.

He says that working in a daily soap also helps you get into a routine. “You see, in this profession, you have to sleep on time and wake up on time, get ready in the morning with makeup, and work throughout the day with dedication. That's why they call it a ‘soap opera’. Many people have misunderstood this term. They think it's about repeating the same thing every day, but it's much more than that. It's like daily practice, and it's essential,” he says.

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He adds, “Creating a routine and maintaining discipline is crucial. Regardless of anything else, you cannot afford to be even a minute late because hundreds of people are waiting for you. A daily soap teaches us a significant lesson. I hope that newcomers entering this field will embrace the same passion, dedication, and commitment to their work, characters, and scripts. If they do, they will certainly make their mark, regardless of TRP ratings. In my view, this routine instils discipline. You immerse yourself in it, work with dedication from the heart, and it becomes an addiction. Any actor who has tasted this routine, whether experienced or aspiring, knows that hard work is a necessity.”

Ask him what he feels should change in the industry, and he says, “I cannot bring about a change within the industry. It depends on the preferences of the audience. I believe that the golden era of Indian Television will return, and we will revisit the old charm. We will inquire about nostalgia, just as I witnessed recently when I heard or read somewhere that Ronit Daa and Shweta Tiwari are making a comeback.”

He adds, “I know that the entertainment industry, especially television, constantly evolves. It's like the morning and evening; sometimes people will prefer fantasy, other times they might enjoy family dramas. At times, they'll be interested in exploring relationships, while other times, youth-oriented content might be appealing. Mythological stories might find favour too. There are different flavours, and just as you can't have the same rice and curry every day, sometimes you might crave idli and dosa. It's incredible how our field adapts to what the audience desires at any given moment.”

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