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Angry Farah Khan Lashes Out on Celebs sharing Workout Videos; Calls it a Bigger Epidemic than Coronavirus

In an attempt to Stop Celebs from Bombarding social media with their workout videos, Farah Khan Kunder has requested all the celebrities and also warned them in her social media video that's now going viral!


Courtesy : Farah Khan Twitter

Farah Khan Kunder has lashed out on celebrities for continuously bombarding the social media with their work out videos. She has called this habit a bigger epidemic as compared to the on-going Coronavirus pandemic that's hit the world.

Taking to her social media accounts, she posted a video where she can be seen requesting everyone to refrain themselves from sharing their workout videos.

In the video, that's now going viral on social media, Farah starts off by saying, "Hi, I am Farah Khan aur sab log video bana rahe hai isiliye maine socha mein bhi ek video banau. And in the interest of public health and safety my video is saying that, 'Please, meri humble request hai sare celebrities aur stars se ki please stop making your workout videos and bombarding us with it.'

She further added, "I can understand that you'll are privileged and you don't have any have any other worries in this global pandemic except for looking after your figures but some of us, most of us have bigger concerns during this crisis toh please humare upar rehem kijiye aur workout videos bandh kar dijiye and if you can't stop then please don't feel bad if I unfollow you. Stay Safe!"

In her Instagram post, Farah wrote: "BAS KARO yeh workout videos !!" and shared her clip.

Sharing the same video on her Twitter along with an angry emoji, she wrote alongside: "The bigger epidemic.. work out videos!! don’t make me feel worse pls!"

Check out her video below:

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Farah Khan

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KgirlLuvsD3 8 days ago As a young person now trying to attend university at home and living in the northern region of the USA where it’s still cold, these at home videos from celebs are actually super motivational to me. Just because Farah doesn’t feel the same, she has no right to call it an “epidemic”.
ishan2003 8 days ago This is a bit of an's a person's choice how they want to spend their quarantined time and what they want to upload.
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