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Anger clash forces Suhana to leave home...

Star Plus' popular show Sasural Genda Phool will see a confrontation between Radha Bua and Suhana, as a result of which Suhana decides to leave home..


The Kashyap family are in for a major shock filled with drama in Saturday's Maha Episode of Sasural Genda Phool on Star Plus which is produced by Ravi Ojha. The episode will be aired this Saturday at 8 PM.

As per the present story line, Suhana (Ragini Khanna) is perturbed that Radha Bua (Sadiya Siddique) does not love her son Deepak (Akshay Sethi). She desperately wants to know the reason behind this; she also wishes to bring a smile on Deepak's face who is otherwise a loner in spite of having a huge family.

A little birdie tells us, "Suhana gets to know that Deepak's birthday is fast approaching. She organizes a party for him and takes the entire family by surprise on the D-day. Suhana has arranged for a grand party with all the decorations in place and a huge cake waiting to be cut. Even though the family members are tense and do not know how to react, they go with the flow of things and keep quiet. However, there comes a situation when Radha Bua loses her cool and gives Suhana a tight slap for interfering in her personal life".

Well, are you wondering how the very unpredictable Suhana will react to this? We have the answers right here. Our khabroo further says, "Suhana will obviously get very furious as this is the first time that someone has had the guts to slap her. She takes an ultimate decision of packing her bags and leaving the Kashyap family. The younger generation in the house feel that Suhana is not at fault and it is Radha Bua who is to be blamed. On the other hand, the elders of the family understand that Suhana was not wrong, but they decide to maintain silence as they do not want to hurt Radha's feelings".

Well, amidst all the confusion Suhana decides to leave home and is not ready to change her decision, even as the family members try to convince her to stay back. On the other hand, Deepak too leaves home and is not to be traced.

Will Suhana leave Kashyap house? Or will there be yet another twist to the tale that will stop her from going?

Catch the interesting episode of Sasural Genda Phool this Saturday at 8 PM only on Star Plus..

Reporter and Author: Srividya Rajesh


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rockinMJHT 10 years ago why does radha bua behave lyk this???
suhana was doing da rite thing.......2010-07-14 23:30:11
gilmores 10 years ago For once Suhana is not at all wrong. Whatever may be, RB should not have slapped Suhana in front of everyone.
deejagi 10 years ago Loved the bond Suhana & Deepak shares. I would love Suhana stand her ground and ask for the reason for Radha slapping her as she has not done any mistacke by celebrating a family members birthday rather than running away to her fathers place. The way Radha loves Ishan, in the same way SUhana is showing affection to Deepak. And if Radha's love for Ishan is right so is Suhana's to Deepak.
shivani003 10 years ago Damn u Radha bua!!!!! Maybe Suhana will be the one who will bring Deepak back
tiny15 10 years ago i don't know why radha bua behaves like dis as i m not a regular watcher of da show but i tried 2 see it wenever got chance as its a a gud show. sum1 has written dat deepak is a rape child den i understand radha bua's pain & i've read a science article where it was stated dat if a woman got raped or fear of sum social stigma den it"ll lead 2 extinction of maternal instinct in her. but still its not nice 2 slap da oder prsn whos only intention was 2 make sum1 happy.
Niyu- 10 years ago Radha bua isnt doing any good..!! Suhana just tried to meake deepak happy.. this shud be done by Radha bua not suhana then too she is doing..! Arghh i hate radha bua now.. Well now i feel radha bua is the one who shud leave the house not suhana as all knw suhana was right.. not radha bua..!!
guru.gurmeet 10 years ago radha bua is dng 2 much....
deepak is soo gud thn also she dnt like him.
suhana jst wntd 2 make deepak happy..... i think radha is 2 b slaped not suhana..
n i really wish dat deeepak shld not leave d house..
sweet-ladki 10 years ago aww...suhana is not at ol wrong.........bechari suhana...
ram92 10 years ago yes suhaana is not wrong. looking forward to this episode
kritika_karan 10 years ago poor Suhana...luvvv u dear but Radha bua ko kaun samjhaye dat she's wrong..????
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