Angad Hasija: Nepotism is just an excuse to vent frustration when someone is not getting work

Angad Hasija says that nepotism is not a problem that one must concern oneself with.

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Angad Hasija

Actor Angad Hasija says that nepotism is not a problem that one must concern oneself with. He says that if you are good at your work, you will get what you deserve.

“Personally, when it comes to nepotism, I don't feel that it's a significant factor. I believe it's just an excuse to vent frustration when someone is not getting work or when they perceive that others have obtained opportunities in a certain way. In my view, if a big producer today is working on their show or film, they won't compromise at all by relying on references or favouring someone they know unless they genuinely believe that person is the right fit for the role. For instance, in a significant project with a massive budget, a producer wouldn't take the risk of casting a random actor unless they see potential in that actor for the specific role. Auditions exist for a reason – if you have the right character, you won't shy away from taking risks. Just like in business, when hiring employees or managers, you conduct interviews to ensure the right fit, not simply because someone is a relative. So, I don't think these things matter to me personally. It's all about competence and suitability for the role in the industry, just as in any other business,” he says.

He adds, “Of course, if a project gets out of your hands, it hurts. But it can happen with any actor, whether they are A-listers, prominent TV actors, or anyone else. Seeing a good outcome with someone else can indeed be frustrating for an actor, as opportunities, especially significant ones, are not always huge in the industry. Actors, however, manage to handle these challenges. Despite the prevalent belief that actors are sophisticated or troubled, I've observed a beautiful quality in many of them. They know how to navigate through difficulties. It's not about spiritual practices or rituals; it's more about the deep belief that whatever is happening, is happening for the good.”

Talking about networking, he says, “Networking does matter, and I've always seen that your work is important as an actor. How you perform, your scenes, and your overall appearance are the primary factors. Secondly, the decision to network in the industry or not depends on the individual. Some actors, even senior ones, may not be seen at parties, but their work is excellent, and the world goes crazy for them. Simplicity is important, and I understand that networking doesn't guarantee getting roles or becoming a huge star. You become a star when your work is appreciated, and you consistently deliver good performances. That's what I've learned so far. Of course, I've done a fair share of networking, attending various parties. However, during my teenage years, it was more of a fun way to meet friends, directors, and producers. It's wrong to assume that networking alone will lead to more significant opportunities or stardom. In the end, it's your work that speaks for itself. The projects you get and how well you perform in them, along with the appreciation you receive, are what truly matter.”

Luck is important here as well, he says, adding, “I believe that luck plays an important role. Some people may not excel in acting but still do remarkable work, and another reason for this is that in our industry, the rule is that if you are not a good actor, it’s okay but if you're a good person, you'll never be out of opportunities. This is the most beautiful and significant aspect of our industry – the contracts exist, but what truly matters is how much space we've created in someone's heart, how well we maintain relationships. As an actor, one might not get success. But if you're a good person, there's no limit to what you can achieve. Conversely, if you're not a good person, then definitely nothing substantial will happen. So, I strongly believe in luck. Luck is something that can make your show or film a hit overnight, even if the story isn't extraordinary. It's a powerful force that I believe in wholeheartedly.”

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ummm is he serious ? angad wake up buddy

2 months ago

Nepotism is the reason even you yourself couldn't break into movies!!

2 months ago

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